- The episode #21 season 10 Buffy against the vampires called In Pieces On The Ground was released yesterday in the US. This episode is the beginning of the new arc of the same name marks the return (temporary) Satsu of characters and Harmony. Vous trouverez, below, the couvertures, the preview et surtout la review complète the episode. Bonne lecture 🙂

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New arc, new intrigue. The episode #21 In Pieces on the Ground is characterized by its change of scenery and the arrival of other characters. Of course, we keep in mind the general frame of the season which is linked to this new plot. For the short to, Archaeus Demons Lords and some have joined forces to find an ancient artifact that opens the doors dimensions. Until then impossible since the Branch Wonderland had closed the doors, the triumvirate was able to use the artifact and gradually begin to bring gigantic demons from other dimensions in the world of Buffy. We thus find Spike and Buffy, watching the news (including Graham Miller, Riley's friend in the season 4) and feeling deprived of not being able to do anything.

Then comes the first surprise of this issue : return Satsu. Character decried, introduced into the season 8 as a young killer with low fat for our favorite Slayer. After some lovemaking between her and Buffy, Satsu had disappeared from circulation. There it is in San Francisco today… Buffy recruit ! It teaches us that the army, that was in the season 8, the big villain who had passed for deadly Slayers before the world, are the possible saviors today ! Satsu works for them, ainsi que Riley Finn. After an overreaction Buffy (and understandably), it decides to accept the job : Gather vampires and slayers to face the demons all together.

Without transition (or almost), we find ourselves in the helicopter that will take them two lovers, and Satsu, see an old… friend / enemy : Harmony Kendall, which is at the head of the Vampires community. Buffy finds her rival's early season 10, Vicky la vampire. Harmony and she tells them that in order to win this alliance, they will have to duel another vampire, and a former vampire in an arena. Buffy then mocks the process citing Game of Thrones and Spike adds a layer by saying that the author of the famous book series stole the idea vampires. Quickly, Buffy confronts a massive new vampire Spike and Harmony while discussing.

And this is where the plot thickens, Harmony is all the weak points of Spike and told her about her relationship with Buffy and he'll do anything to spoil it and hurt him. Spike will be manipulated and we feel it has struck a chord. Totally mad, Spike hand face his enemy while Buffy goes back into the lodge to watch the fight. It is the turn of Vicki manipulate Buffy and tell her about her relationship with Spike. As Harmony, Vicki strikes a chord.

After that Spike had won, the agreement stipulates that vampires and humans are allies is signed and Buffy and Spike leave helicopter in San Francisco. They earned an alliance, but have lost most of their relationship…

To summarize, in this episode #21, everything follows VERY quickly ! Stage one passes on stage without interruption in the plot, UPS, it is not concentrated on any other character. Indeed, the only ones present in the episode are Buffy and Spike. So, it does not breathe much, it seems that everything is going to 100 on time and must complete this plot in one episode. It comprises precipitating the author who has to get five numbers in its history, but for the reader, it is a little less pleasant. By cons, it is clear that the episode has not lost his humor, there are several hilarious reference to Game of Thrones and the fact that the writer is very slow to write the following volumes. The idea of ​​the Duel arena is awesome, and is somewhat reminiscent of an episode of Angel. The fact that we find Satsu also is a good idea, and I would like also to see other former Slayers as Vi or Rona rather than introduce new. As for the relationship Buffy / Spike, why we have warmed during 10 episodes on their honeyed relationship if it is to destroy it now ? Certainly, I found it interesting that Vicki and Harmony arrive to handle Buffy and Spike intelligently and more, because everything they said was true ! But it's still a blow to their relationship. It was a good episode, but no more.