The handsome Series Murder (or VO : How to Get Away With Murder), Charlie Weber, who plays Ben dans Buffy, recently told the website TheWrap about his role in the series. It turns out that his character in the series is a killer heart of gold who loves sex.

But what think the actor Charlie Weber ? "In the evening, is currently seen you strangle someone, either making love. I wonder what part you prefer ?” asked the reporter to TheWrap.

[blockquote cite=”Charlie Weber about his role in HTGAWM”]I hope I'm not going crazy, but actually, I like both. (The actor says the two great loves of his character in the series : Sex, and murder.)[/su_quote]

He also told about the last episode midseason saying there “a lot of thing that will happen” by adding “there will be a lot of body”. Before playing in Murder, you could see Charlie Weber in the role of Ben in Buffy the Vampire cons, but it was not until I landed a role in the series of Shonda Rhimes career took off it.

[blockquote cite=”Charlie Weber about his career”]It's unbelievable, wonderful and very different from anything I've done. But it (Shonda Rhimes) created it's a little paradise for the actors.[/su_quote]

Charlie Weber also took the opportunity to make their portraits by photographer Corina Marie Howell. Below, you will find Video and photos de Charlie.

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On another note, the beautiful Charlie Weber went to the event 'MaxMara & Allure Celebrate ABC’s #TGIT’ which took place on 14 November last in Beverly Hills. Find the two photos in the gallery by clicking on the thumbnails below :

Credit — via TheWrap