Eliza Dushku, you know to be part of the rebel killer Faith Lehane in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (an Angel), has launched the a documentary. For several years she worked on it and it's origins that gave him the inspiration to do. Her mother is of Danish origin, and his father is from Albania. Eliza has therefore launched ambitious project to discover Albania to accomplish this desire to know where it comes from.

To accompany this documentary, it is his brother, Nate Dushku, who embarked with her on this journey. The site 1st Slice had the chance to chat a bit with Eliza about her documentary. Namely it was broadcast for the first time, the 19 November (So yesterday) USA. According to him, once you look “Dear Albania”, you'll want : visit Albania and discover its treasures.

Dear Albania Eliza Dhusku poster

Displays Dear Albania documentary

Chelsea Perrotty : How this documentary you've changed ? What have you learned about yourself by traveling there ?
Eliza Dushku : I knew in my heart that I had a second home, Albania. En grandissant, it was very rare for me to meet other Albanian, and finally feel “at home” among its people, its faces, this fiery character that the Albanians ... I finally understands where I'm.

CP : What was the most surprising thing that you fell traveling there ?
ED : We distant cousins ! There are scenes in the documentary that shows us trying to meet other members of the family Dushku, some were our cousins, others not ... But it was hilarious and surprising to see strangers on the street to show us their ID and tell “I'm your cousin ! Viewing my surname is Dushku!!” And for sure. There is no other Dushku in America who are our family. It was just unreal.

CP : What is the thing you want people to take away after watching Dear Albania ?
ED : It's a beautiful country and its culture and its people are even more ! There is so much stigma around Albania and Albanian because the country has been very close for a long time, and because films like Taken where they act as kidnappers and thugs. What we learned in going there was that it was quite the opposite. I love it when Grace Aurela (Albanian Madonna) this “We do not say we are the best ... we just said we are.”

CP : You made this documentary with your brother Nate, as it was to work with him ?
ED : It was wonderful. We are best friends and it was really the first time we realized a project together and above all, I am extremely proud of him after all these years of hard work to perform and produce a project to be proud of. It was very difficult to choose the images to reach 56 minutes .

CP : How was it working with Blerim Destina ? You did he showed the corners of Albania that you would not have seen without him ?
ED : Blerim's one of my good friends for several years and it was long we wanted to do something with him ! This is a talented actor and a generous soul who knew we present Albania in a different light.

CP : What is the most surprising thing you've eaten there ?
ED : I would say it is the lamb skewers we ate in the mountains and they brought me for some sort of ceremony where someone was singing to me serenade, you will see in the documentary. I was told that I had the first bite crunches, I take a butter knife and I cut a part of the animal, therefore, I did it. I was vegetarian for so long in Los Angeles [laughs]. But it was the most tender and fresh meat I've ever eaten. It was remarkable.

CP : What is the most interesting finding regarding the difference between Albania and the US ?
ED : What's cool is that Albania is a small country 3 millions of inhabitants, excluding those who live in the country side : Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo. It is like a big family that stayed together since the beginning. USA, we are 300 million and Albania represents barely the size of the State of Maryland. It's so different.

CP : What were the difficulties encountered while shooting that you had not planned ?
ED : Well, 15 towns, in 15 days that looks great on paper ... ! It was very ambitious on our part and sometimes it was racing against time to get there. It was even not sure to sleep, especially as there are roads full of bumps. But in the end, it was worth it. I am so proud to show this film and all that it represents for Albanian.

CP : Are there has other topics you'd like to explore in another documentary ?
ED : When something is from you, but belongs to you, Naturally we want to explore it, but I'm not sure to be ready to start immediately, at least, as long as there is not broadcast.

Here the trailer Documentary :

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Credit — via 1st Slice