The brand Love& launches magazine called “Love & everything after I do” (Love and all that comes after 'I want it'). For this first issue, it is Seth Green (Oz in BUFFY) which made the cover with his wife Clare Grant.

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We will not be posting the article for copyright reasons, but know that you can read the first issue for free !

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It still makes you a small summary of the interview with interesting quotes :

Seth Green : Before we all kind, she left town a while, and I asked lots of people to help me do something for her.
Clare Grant : And that's when I realized he had feelings for me. I went for three months on the set of a movie and when I came back he offered me a figurine he had built himself. I then told him : “You like me confess…”

Clare Grant : It offers all the time flowers.
Seth Green : Being a rather small boy, a little odd with a silly name…
Clare Grant : A handsome boy with red hair…
Seth Green : I was forced to find a way for women to understand that I love that I really appreciate. Flowers is the basis.

Clare Grant : It is very romantic. It makes me always come first. He is so attentive and always makes me feel like I was the most important person for him. Each vacancy, each anniversary… He is so tender and romantic that I can not at the ankle.

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