The 28 and 29 November latest, Nicholas Brendon (Alex Harris) was present Toulouse Game Show, So in Toulouse. We had the chance to meet him in person, to discuss with him and participate in his lecture.

In addition to being on its booth to sign autographs for fans, il a également été interviewé par la radio Toulouse FM.

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Il était tellement adorable qu’il a accepté d’enregistrer un message vidéo pour Slayer Revival et tous les fans de Buffy. Regardez plutôt 😉

Comme nous vous le disions, nous avons pu assister à sa conference et lui poser quelques questions. Voici un condensé de ses réponses :

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  • Nick continues his acting career but he needs to rest to try to get better and be good with itself.
  • He knows that a pornographic parody of Buffy exists
  • He would love to reprise his role in the Faking It series if he is offered
  • Nick is her weird watching a series in which he plays. That is why he will never see series or movie with people he knows.
  • He looks a lot more movies and documentaries that love foreign films
  • Nick much prefer playing comic roles because it is better in this area. He could play dark roles (as in Private Practice), but it takes less fun to play
  • He confirmed that there will be surely a season 11 in comics, and will continue to co-write the series
  • He thinks Xander is the best character in the TV series
  • Nicholas Brendon often a dream season 8 TV exists and continuing its role
  • C’est Kelly, Nicholas Brendon's brother who was in the waterfalls during Buffy 3 recent seasons.
  • It is always in contact with the other actors of the series, but it's not like before. They each have their lives.
  • A part James Marsters et lui, no other player in Buffy co-wrote the comics.

So it was a very nice event where we took great pleasure in seeing Nicholas Brendon. We thank the organization as well as the agent Nick for his kindness (it will recognize).