- The output of TBD 5 season 10 d’Angel & Faith vient d’être annoncée. It will be released 23 August 2016 our American friends (Pas de sortie française prévue). This fifth (and last) tome entitled “A Tale of Two Families” et contient les episode 21 with 25. The title is meant “A Tale of Two Families”.
Below, you will find a small summary of what awaits you in this volume.

[jumbotron heading=”Angel & Faith : Season 10, Tome 5″ tagline=”By Victor Gischler (writer), Will Conrad, Michelle Madsen, Joss Whedon (Executive Producer), Scott Fischer (Alternative Cover)”]
Angel & Faith : Season 10, TBD 5

Angel & Faith : Season 10, TBD 5

Quand Archaeus, with help from Drusilla, attaquent la ville de Magic Town, Angel and Faith must do everything possible to stop. Faith tries to find out where they hide while Angel drove into a trap, willingly. But when the rebellious killer hand rescuing Angel, it faces Drusilla in a titanic struggle. For his part, Archaeus puts his hand on the mysterious statue ! Everything now rests on the shoulders of our heroes that should unite and trust to thwart the evil plans of Archaeus.[/Jumbotron]
Release : 23 August 2016 (USA)
Contents : Episodes 21 with 21

Ep. #21 A Tale of Two Families
(Section 1)
Ep. #22 A Tale of Two Families
(Section 2)
Ep. #23 A Tale of Two Families
(Section 3)
[/one_fifth][one_fifth]Ep. #24 A Tale of Two Families
(Section 4)[/one_fifth][one_fifth_last]Ep. #25 A Tale of Two Families
(Section 5)[/one_fifth_last]