The preview l’episode 22 season 10 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer came out. This is the second episode of the arc entitled ‘In Pieces On The Ground‘.


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Headquarters Daniels Technologies. A week earlier.

Willow : Once again, I want to thank you for this opportunity, M. Daniels.
Follow : I beg, call me Theo. And it is I who thank you. Do you realize how difficult it is to find someone with computer experience and magic ? You're coming hopefully settle down. How do you like our complex ?

Willow : A worthy cafeteria Michelin Guide, a masseur full time, un spa… j’adore. But honestly ... uh Mr. Theo, I feel like I'm not in my place. I hope you have not signed up as a favor to Buffy. I want to contribute.

Follow: Are not ridiculous. The complex authorization process is a bit long, that's it. But we take care of many of the government contracts, so…
Willow: I think I know what it is. Cyber-terrorisme, Magic cyber terrorism. Buffy m’a raconté comment Wolfram & Hart had implanted his demonic code in your social network. I can help to counter this kind of thing ...

Follow: It is good to know. But we are dealing with much more important than liker or no pictures today. Willow Rosenberg, welcome to the War Room.
Willow: Wow…

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Willow : Okay ... when you told me “Government Contracts”, I did not think you were saying “Military”. We had a few stories with them. Not good.

Follow: I know. But things have changed. They got rid of the people who attacked you ... you and your friends
Lake : If it does not bother you, M. Daniels, I'll take over.

Lake : Lake Stevens, Department of Defense. I am in partnership with the Land Attacks Regiment And Supernatural.
Willow: Uh, you know that the acronym of the group is ...
Lake : “MISFIRES”. Yes. It's unfortunate. We seek a better title. But we have bigger problems.

Lake : As you can see, there is an increase in extradimensional incursions worldwide. Generally, This is three times that you can hear on the news. The Anti-Magic argument is no longer valid in our world. Our complex has got rid of all those who attacked you when you entrainiez Slayers. We now see as allies.

Lake : We have worked for a while with your friend, Kennedy. His company, DeepScan, is a military business now. We asked him to tell you to convince you, but she thought that the situation would be ... weird, compared to your past relationship.
Willow : It can be very arrogant, but she was right.

Lake : We also have with the Magic Council.
Willow : The “Magic Council” from…
Provide : From me.

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Willow : D'Hoffryn ?
On Offer : Hello, Mademoiselle Rosenberg. Congratulations on your new job. I think you'll like here. The cook is great. I try to schedule my coming here every Thursday because it's Tacos.

On Offer : I do not think you've met the other members of the Board. We look forward to working with you.
Willow: Wow, gently. I have not yet accepted. I especially takes no decision without talking to Buffy first.

Lake : Understandable. We have a representative who will speak to him in the coming days. All that have demand, is to keep it to yourself for now. Willow ... our world is in crisis. You have the power to help us. Save countless lives. You want to work for something that matters ? This is the best opportunity you'll.

Lake : Think about it. That's all we ask.

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Loyalty to Buffy's Willow questioned when making a decision in the back of the Slayer ... best friends are they éloigneraient ? Always in the back of Buffy, Spike speaks with an old friend who brings a questioning his behavior in his relationship with Buffy.
Release : 23 December 2015 (USA)