- There 3 days, on the occasion of the release of his latest book, The Last Dream Keeper, the second installment in the series Witches of Echo Park, Amber Benson (Tara) answered questions from his fans on the platform Reddit. The following questions relate his experience in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Question : Hi Amber! I loved your work on Buffy, particularly the blossoming love between Willow and Tara (you guys totally made my heart flutter back when the show was airing) – I still think Hush is one of the best episodes of television I have ever seen. Do you have any neat memories of filming that episode you could share?

Amber : I was very lucky to get to work on that show…and that relationship was an amazing thing to be a part of. Memories of HUSH…well, the gentlemen were really unsettling. I know Alyson was freaked out sitting with them at lunch. Hard to eat food when the gentleman are staring at you, right?

[toggle title="Lire la traduction"]Question: hi Amber ! Loved your work on Buffy, especially the budding love between Willow and Tara (you had capsized my heart when broadcasting). Still today, Silence of Death is one of the best television series of episodes I've ever seen. Do you have memories to share accurate filming of this episode ?

Amber: I was incredibly lucky to work on this series ... and it was really great to have played this couple. Memories of Silence Death ... well, the gentlemen was really disturbing. I remember Alyson was afraid to eat next to them at lunch. It's hard to eat when you watch gentleman, n & rsquo; is it not ? [/toggle]

Question : How does it feel to know you have done so much for so many people in the world? I mean, thanks to your role, thanks to the beautiful way that you incarnated Tara, I realized that it was possible to love another girl, and that it could be the most sweet and loving thing ever. Your acting made me believe in that because it looked truly real. And now, here I am, I have been with my girlfriend for more than 12 years and the world is perfect. How does it feel to know that you had such an impact on other people lives?

Amber : I was just so lucky to get to be a part of that relationship. I hand the credit to Joss for creating Willow and Tara – they were his babies and he felt it was really important for them to exist, to create a positive image for LGBTQ kids so that they had the relationship to look to, to help them understand that they were wonderful as they were – that they would find love and that they were AND are worthy of love. I just got to help out a little, give her voice and an inject a little of myself into her to bring her to life.

[toggle title="Lire la traduction"]Question: What does it feel knowing you have done so much for so many people in the world ? In playing this role, also thank you for having embodied Tara such a beautiful way, I realized it was possible to love another girl, and that this could be the most sweet and loving thing in the world. Your role made me realize that because it looked really real air. What is it makes you know that you have had as much impact on the lives of so many people ?

Amber: I was so lucky to be part of this couple. The credit goes to Joss [Whedon] who created Willow and Tara. They were his babies and he felt that it was very important that they exist, create a positive image for LGBTQ children. Give them a couple as model, help them understand that they were perfect as they are, they would find love and they have the right and to love. I only helps a little, lui donner une voix et un peu de moi-même pour lui donner vie.[/toggle]

Question : Without giving any names (or you could if you want) tell us an EXPLOSIVE revelation about your time on Buffy?!

Amber : Uh, hmmm…so let’s see…an explosive revelation about my time on Buffy…? Explosive in the bowel sense? Like someone had explosive gastrointestinal distress and had to drink a whole bottle of pepto bismal while on set one day. Oh, No.…that wasn’t ME. I would never drink a whole bottle…maybe half of one…and I would never tell everyone on Reddit about it. hangs head in embarrassment because her own gastrointestinal distress was the only explosive thing she could in good faith reveal to you guys because Amber don’t kiss and tell or fight and tell or punch and tell It’s been a long 7 days.

[toggle title="Lire la traduction"]Question: Without giving any names (or you can if you want) EXPLOSIVE we divulge a revelation on the set of Buffy ?

Amber: Oh, hmm ... let me think…an explosive revelation on the set of Buffy ? Explosive in the intestinal sense ? Genre someone who has had an explosive gastrointestinal pain on the set and had to drink a whole bottle of Pepto Bismal (drug that relieves stomach discomfort) on set. Not, no ... it was not ME. I never drink a whole bottle ... just half ... and I would not say it to everyone on Reddit. Tilt your head in shame because its own gastrointestinal problems were the only explosive things she could in good faith be because Amber is not a balance. it makes 7 many years.

Question : Loved you on Buffy! As a gay man, it was really cool seeing a (mostly) positive LGBT relationship on Buffy. Looking back at the experience, did you have any inclination that this might be a big deal for an LGBT audience?

Amber : At first, I didn’t understand the magnitude of what was happening…but by the end of season 4 it was pretty obvious that this relationship was going to be a very important thing. I was just lucky enough to get to be a part of something so super duper special.

[toggle title="Lire la traduction"]Question: I've loved Buffy ! As a gay man, it was really great to see LGBT couples (in majority) positive. Thinking back on that experience, Had you realized that it would have such an impact on the LGBT public ?

Amber: First, I did not realize the magnitude of what was happening ... but at the end of the season 4, it was obvious that this relationship would become something important. I was just lucky to be part of something so special. [/toggle]

Question : I’m sorry to do this, but is Sarah Michelle Gellar a decent person??? I want to believe so hard that she is lol.

Amber : I adore Sarah. She is smart and an excellent business woman and she loves her kids. She encouraged me to be smart about money and she was always reading on set. Which endears her to me even more since I’m a bookworm, too. Don’t listen to anyone who says she’s not excellent. She’s a real person who has a big heart.

[toggle title="Lire la traduction"]Question: I'm sorry to do this but, Is Sarah Michelle Gellar's a good ??? I want so much to believe she is lol.

Amber: J’adore Sarah. She is smart and an excellent businesswoman who loves his children. She encouraged me to better manage my money and she read all the time on the set. What makes me love her even more since I am a bookworm also. Do not listen to those who say it is not great. C’est une personne sincère et qui a un grand cœur.[/toggle]

Question : How does it feel to have started your Buffy stint on its best episode ever?

Amber : So bleeping cool. Hush and the musical are my two favs, period.

[toggle title="Lire la traduction"]Question: What is it like you have started playing in the best episode of Buffy ?

Amber: It is ***** cool. Silence of Death and the musical episode are my two favorite episodes, point à la ligne.[/toggle]

Question : What do you miss the most from your days on Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

Amber : The thing I miss most from my days on Buffy is the Teamsters promising to give me my own parking space with my name on it if I’d just get my stupid license already. I got dropped off at work like I was in high school. Sooooo embarrassing and I don’t have the excuse – I’m from NYC – to save me.

[toggle title="Lire la traduction"]Question: What you miss most of the filming Buffy against the Vampires ?

Sarah: What I miss most about filming Buffy is that the team had promised to give me my own parking space with my name on it if I spent my goddamn driver's license. We filed back to work as if I was in high school. Teeeeeellement gênant et je ne peux même pas utiliser l’excuse “je viens de New York” pour me sauver.[/toggle]

Question : Hi Amber I was just wondering what your memories are of working with the much missed Andy Hallett?

Amber : He was a lovely human being and I wish more than anything he was still with us. It breaks my heart that he’s gone. He was a joy to play with and my god could he sing the bejezus outta that Lady Marmalade song.

[toggle title="Lire la traduction"]Question: hi Amber, I was wondering what are your memories of working with regret as Andy Hallett (Lorne in Angel series also starred in the film written and directed by Amber Benson : Chance)

Amber: It was a lovely person and I want more than anything it is always with us. it breaks my heart that he left. It was a joy to play with him and he tore my god all when he sang Lady Marmalade[/toggle]

Question : Who was a better kisser: James Marsters Alyson or Hanniga?

Amber : they are both great…but I did get a real kick out of mushing mouths with James.

[toggle title="Lire la traduction"]Question: Embracing best : James Marsters (Spike. He kisses Amber in the film Chance) ou Alyson Hannigan (Willow) ?

Amber: Ils sont tous les deux géniaux… mais c’était vraiment bien de faire du bouche à bouche avec James.[/toggle]

Question : Congratulations on the new book, Amber. Will you gaze in my general direction and sing “Under Your Spell”?

Amber : Gaze laser focused on you http://amberbensonwrotethis.blogspot.com/2011/06/uys-remix_02.html – here is where I am singing to you…

[toggle title="Lire la traduction"]Question: Congratulations on your new book Amber. Could you look at me and sing "Under Your Spell" ?

Amber: Lance targeted look like a laser on you
http://amberbensonwrotethis.blogspot.com/2011/06/uys-remix_02.html – That's what I sing ...[/toggle]

Question : Loved your work on Buffy – do you still keep in touch with Alyson Hannigan and the rest of your Buffy colleagues?

Amber : I see the trio every now and then. I see Emma quite a bit…and James M and James Leary. Mostly this is at conventions. They are like mini-reunions…which is awesome.

[toggle title="Lire la traduction"]Question: I love your work in Buffy, are you still in touch with Alyson Hannigan and the rest of your colleagues Buffy ?

Amber: I see the trio (Warren, Jonathan et Andrew) sometimes. I see Emma [Caulfield] (Mother) often… et James Marster (Spike) et James Leary (Clem). Often at conventions. C’est comme des mini réunions… ce qui est super.[/toggle]

Question : what character do you relate to the most on buffy?

Amber : Mother

[toggle title="Lire la traduction"]Question: What is the character of Buffy in which you identify the most ?

Amber: Anya.[/toggle]

Question : what is your favorite thing about tara?

Amber : Her empathy and her willingness to stand up for what she thinks is right.

[toggle title="Lire la traduction"]Question: What you like at Tara ?

Amber: Son empathie et sa volonté de défendre ce qu’elle juge juste.[/toggle]

Question : What was the funniest moment from behind the scenes of Buffy?

Amber : Walking into a pole in the dance number from the musical. I truly felt like Peewee Herman when he said: I meant to do that.

I did NOT mean to do that.

[toggle title="Lire la traduction"]Question: What was the funniest moment of filming Buffy ?

Amber: I take a pole during a dance number from the musical episode. I feel like Pee-wee Herman when he said : "It was expected."

Ce n’était PAS prévu.[/toggle]

Question : How did you reach the highest notes in Under your spell from Buffy?

Amber : Joss knew my range and totally wrote those songs higher than I thought I could sing. But he promised me that I could do it, that I could reach those notes…and I did. It was a real shock. I couldn’t believe I could sing that high either. Crazy town 🙂
She was a lovely creature, our Tara, and I miss her, too 🙁

[toggle title="Lire la traduction"]Question: How did you manage to achieve such high notes in Under Your Spell ?

Amber: Joss [Whedon] knew my range and wrote these songs earlier than I thought to sing. He promised that I can do it, I can reach those notes ... and that was the case. It was a shock. I was not expecting to sing so high. C’est fou 🙂
She was a lovely creature, notre Tara, I miss her too :([/toggle]

Question : Questions 1. which was the hardest buffy episode to do 2. are u still friends with alyson 3. which buffy character are you most like
Tara is an amazing character and inspiration love you ♥

Amber : ♥ backatcha!
1.The Body – broke my heart
2.Haven’t seen her in ages, but she’s been so damn busy!

[toggle title="Lire la traduction"]Question: Questions 1. What was the most difficult episode to turn ? 2. Are you still friends with Alyson ? 3. Which character Buffy like you ?
Tara is a great character, A model, I love you ♥

Amber: ♥ to you too !
1.orphan. It breaks my heart.
2.I have not seen in ages, but it is so busy.

Question : what was your favorite part about playing tara?

Amber : Getting to do the musical episode.

[toggle title="Lire la traduction"]Question: What pleased you the most in interpreting Tara ?

Amber: Faire l’épisode musical.[/toggle]