The site Tell-Tale TV offers us his top 13 the best episodes of Angel. What do you think ?

When Angel was broadcast for the first time in 1999, nobody knew what to expect from this spin-off Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

With the former boyfriend of Buffy, Angel (where the vampire with a soul who broods) was a series of surveys almost in the dark style with a dose of supernatural. After a tentative first season, the series began to metamorphose into something much better, which many people find that even’she was able to exceed its predecessor in terms of quality in his way of telling his story.

While Buffy the Vampire Slayer offered a simple story of good against evil, Angel chose a darker and more nuanced approach. Angel is a story of redemption. It's a story with figurative and literal demons that lurk in everyone. This is a story about the inevitability of evil, and having to make choices and to manage the consequences.

Do introspection in the best episodes of the series.

13. Her Majesty Cordelia (Season 2 Episode 21)

After one season 2 darkish, notamment avec l'histoire de Darla and Drusilla, focus on Pylea was a welcome change. This episode is full of fantasy, and how could it not end on a decapitated head ? And do not forget the’appearance of Joss Whedon as Numfar who makes us his dance of joy.

12. The Hotel du Mal (Season 2 Episode 02)

Set in the years 1950, This episode explores the history of Angel, at the time he already had a soul but was still very part of society. Locate episode in this period was interesting to show the difference with the Los Angeles this. And see the cynical and sinister appearance as Angel, proving that’have a soul not necessarily made him a good person. Judy's fate as a prisoner hotel is terrifying, and when Angel fine ultimately from mistakes, releasing Judy, it's incredibly moving. More, it is the first appearance of the hotel Hyperion which becomes one of the main venues of the series until season 5.

11. Homecoming (Season 2 Episode 10)

All arc focusing on Darla and Drusilla was excellent, inevitably attracting Angel in a spiral of darkness. And when Angel locks lawyers with vampires throwing nonchalantly “I can not move me.” (“I just can’t seem to care” and VO) was really shocking. And on top of that, dismisses Wesley, Gunn et Cordelia.

10. Hero Heart (Season 5 Episode 06)

Season 5 offers his batch of episodes Stand-Alone, and it was one of the best. In the Beginning, simply silly story about Mexican wrestlers it looks, but this episode is a beautifully written tale of the rediscovery of his own goal. This is particularly interesting for Angel who seems to have lost his sense of heroism.

9. Son Angel (Season 3 Episode 09)

The story of the season 3 starts slowly, and the introduction of a baby within the team is rather worthless after this episode. But “Son Angel” is a nugget in this season. Darla's death and revenge of Holtz are the highlights.

8. The Evil Puppet (Season 5 Episode 14)

No top of Angel episodes should not forget to mention this episode is one of the funniest series. Angel turning into a puppet ! What displeases ? His nose falling ! Cotton flying everywhere when it is attacked ! The “You're a fucking little puppet ?!” But there is not that this aspect, Indeed, the death of these children with an engraved smile on their face is one of the most horrible things may have been to show the series.

7. Sanctuary, part 2 (Season 1 Episode 19)

This episode is the second part of a double episode where first Angel dissociates from its predecessor. L’introspection de Faith emphasizes the contrast between the pursuit of justice Buffy and Angel redemptive mission. Faith being in prison is affecting peace, because she finally towards the road to recovery.

6. Line (Season 5 Episode 07)

Wesley is one of the most complex and interesting character in the series. And it is again highlighted in this episode when his father comes to visit. Wesley has always had a complicated relationship with his father, but when his father Fred threat, Wesley has no hesitation and kills him on the spot. The fact that his father is a robot only increases the sad reality on the fact that Wesley shot his father without showing an ounce of remorse.

5. Unforgivable (Season 3 Episode 17)

This episode is a very strong episode. It follows the betrayal of Wesley that results in the kidnapping of the son of Angel by Holtz. Learn the prophecy saying that the father was going to kill his son was a trap was heartbreaking. This is a turning point for the character of Wesley for the rest of the series. Mais ce qui est vraiment surprenant c'est le jeu d'acteur David Boreanaz in the Irish lorsque Tent of Extract Wesley.

4. Blessing (Season 3 Episode 21)

In this penultimate episode of season, Angel tries to rebuild a relationship with his son who is foreign. He can almost win the trust of Connor, Holtz makeup until her death to believe that Angel is responsible. This shows how a Holtz is determined to avenge Angel. We know from this episode that Connor never will trust Angel.

3. Crazy (Season 5 Episode 11)

See the consequences of the decision to Buffy to activate all the potential Slayers The world is a very interesting choice. We follow here, a mentally unstable woman who suddenly finds himself with incredible physical strength. It's terrifying to see Dana torturing Spike, almost like a childhood memory for her. Finally, see Spike and Angel contemplate the nature of evil is poignant and sad. They then realize that’they too were poor innocent victims.

2. A True Family (Season 4 Episode 22)

Although this is the only episode of season 4 this list, this does not mean that this season is not good. In fact, season 4 Arc has the longest ever seen on TV. Each episode was a chapter in the saga of Connor. You could see the build and ultimately achieveInevitable and heartbreaking conclusion of this episode. After the end of Lilah, the gang was offered the opportunity to lead the office Wolfram & Hart. While everyone is offered an opportunity they can not refuse, the fragile mind of Connor collapses and he is taking hottages and threatening suicide. Angel made the ultimate sacrifice Father, proving his love for Connor letting him go and forget about his tortured past.

1. The Last Combat (Season 5 Episode 22)

A superb end to a phenomenal series. The fact that the gang is forced to fight a bunch of enemy instead of one is big bad is awesome. It is a beautiful decision to end the series on a moral as : evil can never be truly defeated, but fight that matters. Angel and will fight until the end. The Angel series is not made for a happy ending. But it is important to hold beliefs and to persevere in the face of adversity to keep an ounce of hope, and it also worth to reality.