The Saturday 30 and the Sunday 31 January the convention was held Buffy + Angel fanmeet in Brussels, in Belgium. Organized by our partner KLZ Events, it brought together actors James Marsters (Spike), Nicholas Brendon (Alex), Clare Kramer (Glory) and Kristine Sutherland (Joyce).

My report

I really had a wonderful weekend with all the fans. In addition to sharing accommodation with friends Slayer Revival, I had said Saturday lunchtime I had never met so many Buffy fans in a single agreement, and it was already one of my favorite. It really surprised that the world has come to me saying they knew me name or picture on internet ! It made me really happy, it allowed me to meet many people together and everyone with whom I spoke in two days. I love being able to start a discussion with people who were unknown a few minutes earlier in a queue or help each particular thing, we really are gold fans. It was a very intimate atmosphere, at the end of the weekend I had the impression of knowing almost half the room haha.
The organization itself was great too. There is no problem that can be regularly seen in France as late photo prints, panel removal because too late, too long queues and annoying in the corridors ... The passage for the pictures was very fluid, I've never had to wait too. Since I had already seen all the guests and I had especially to review James Marsters (and enjoy the fans and atmosphere), it did not bother me to see the panels fall at the same time as other activities, even if it did not suit everyone (I understand when it's the first time we see some of the actors). The staff was responsive to KLZ, understandable and nice.

Clipse & James Marsters au Buffy Angel Fanmeet by KLZRegarding guests, they were all so lovely as I remember !
Kristine very similar to his character. She is very "mom" when she talks with us, and it feels even more when she talks about her daughter. It's very good to see that it seems equally attentive and friendly Joyce, they would not have given her best for her character !

Clare is very "presenter" when she talks, the United States occupies it happens to present Comic Con panels by actors, and sometimes it feels. She did not let her smile weekend, it really was a pleasure to see. It was I who held me in his fanbook, and I could give him the time for autographs. She really loved it when I gave him. She was surprised and really happy, extremely smiling, and asked "What, It's true, I can keep it more ? ». She was really happy and took the time to browse the entire front of me a very enthusiastic air. She then got up and gave me a big hug ♥ That girl is an angel ! Thank you again to everyone who participated in the fanbook !

Clipse & Nicholas Brendon au Buffy Angel Fanmeet by KLZAs well said someone I know, Nicholas is a "big teddy bear". He loves to cuddle, makes them happy and thoughtful. I asked him to make a my photo, and he did not do that at half ! He shook hard and stuck my cheek to hers, to the point that it made me even surprise. It really leaves a great memory. I was very happy to see him, especially with what is happening these days in his life. It reassured me to see him smile and laugh with a good heart with the other guests, that dated back well morale. I regret not having taken or gained one of its Meet & Greet, it made me want to spend more time with him. He's a very loving.

Finally, I got to spend much time with my biggest pet : James Marsters ! ♥ ︎ Until last year I was not even me interested in him, I was extremely fan of the character which is my favorite, but by informing me about him and finally met him last October, it became something else. He is someone who really knows what to do to please his fans, he knows what we love and how we spend an unforgettable moment. It is very tactile, shakes hands with everyone, always speaks setting you in the eye or does not hesitate to put your hand on the shoulder in passing or take yours. how one feels that he knows that we hold for some heart, and I thank him very much taken into account. Clipse & James Marsters au Buffy Angel Fanmeet by KLZ Unfortunately he still had to hold back on some things since he could not do hugs, kisses or bites on photos (his wife does most since last year). It's a shame, I dreamed of a hug James ! But good, I've done with and I could more or less quickly find replacements poses to my photos. I could also participate in two Meet & Greet with him and especially Sunday lunch. For those who do not know, One of the on-site activities were to eat with him and Clare with a small group of 10 people. I was sitting right next to him, it was quite impressive to say " And yes, tu es en train de manger avec James Marsters ! ». I never thought I'd make it a day in my life, it was really an unexpected dream. I was talking normally and included me but I had cheeks burning, can not help myself. We talked about travel, du Spuffy, ... Even Series Clare put questions to James, it was really fun to see a guest ask questions in turn to another player (it has also asked the question I wanted to ask him before me haha). After an hour they looked like just eat with friends, it felt very natural and it has to "break" the barrier between the fans and players for a while. I regret not expressed myself more during the meal, I was too busy to listen. But I still could see long and many times, and it was really a pleasure.

In summary, of all guests as friendly and affordable than each other, a very friendly atmosphere and fans out of the ordinary. A very big thank you to all those with whom I could talk, to my friends, KLZ and to all those who made this weekend so special. It is with great pleasure that I will return one day if there is a new Buffy Fanmeet. Meanwhile, mon prochain arrêt sera la Witches vs Vampires en mars prochain à Paris. J’espère vous y voir ! 🙂

Clipse au Buffy Angel Fanmeet by KLZ