- The episode #24 season 10 Buffy against the vampires called In Pieces On The Ground was released 17 February in the United States. Vous trouverez, below, the couvertures, the preview et surtout la review complète the episode. Bonne lecture 🙂

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Good, one begins rather well : the gang killed a demon lords of the three and they located the door that opens the demonic dimensions. The end is near…

The problem is that the Scooby Gang is not as linked as before. They all seem to take different paths and issues them only get worse. And if the latest episodes have taught us anything, is that they will not succeed if they do not their different rules first. Giles, for example, seems to have a new girlfriend who comes to the size of the Fairies to the great detriment of Buffy who distrusts too. The young observer wants to change the Vampyr book for easy access to the dimension of the Fairies. Buffy scolds Giles – the person who was closest to the father figure – as if she were his mother. Giles then leaves the apartment, rage against the Slayer.

For his part, Alex has to solve its own concerns about the ghost Anya, which is not really Anya. We learn that he knew for some time that this was not true Anya, since they have done that exorcism spell and that the seer had told him to be wary of it and that it was not really Anya. It is not clear who is this “Mother” and if he will prove to be detrimental to the group but in any case she tries to convince Alex “body and soul” it is the real Anya.

But when D'Hoffryn Contact Buffy and said they located the Mistress of Souls and Wolverine, the group meets to fight together. Despite the disputes, Giles is still behind Buffy for help, and all the world fighting under the same banner, forgetting the little problems to save the world.

But it is when Wolverine grabs Dawn we understand very quickly where this will lead. He tries to devour the soul of Dawn and we understand that it is still the key. The group then takes over the demons that fled, leaving open the dimensional portal. Two choices are available to them : leave the gate open and bring the legions of demons, or… Someone has to go to the other side to close the gate, except that it is blocked on the other side. Giles said that even if they know how close the gate, should be a key…

Everyone then looks Dawn !