The output of TBD 2 the mini-series Buffy : The High School Years vient d’être annoncée. It will be released 1er Novembre 2016 our American friends (Pas de sortie française prévue). This second volume is titled “Glutton for Punishment” and contains 80 pages (as the first volume).

Below, you will find a small summary of what awaits you in this volume and in particular the great cover (super) High quality !

[jumbotron heading=”Buffy, High School Years: Glutton for Punishment” tagline=”Faith Erin Hicks (Writer), Yishan Li (Dessinateur), Scott Fischer (Coverage)”]
Buffy High School Years

When Buffy and Xander register for a new cooking class thinking it will bring them points on their average, they ignore that the new teacher is actually a demon. The voracious appetite of the greedy devil forces him to kidnap his best students to cook for him. And when Alex buys and simmered dishes ment saying he made them himself, it becomes the latest victim of the demon ! In addition to good grades, Buffy must now come to the aid of his friend and make the block that demon !
Release : 1er Novembre 2016 (USA)