In spite of 7 seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and 5 season of’Angel, we, fans, always wondered if some of the ideas that were in the show could have been different than the ones we know. When Joss Whedon and his writers team wrote the show, of lots of storylines were imagined, but some of them were abandoned or forgotten because them didn't seem to be that interesting. Some of them never saw the light of day because they didn't fit in the show's main storyline…

In any case, it's always fun to reflect on the road not taken in the series Buffy or Angel. The site DigitalSpy found the 6 storylines (plots) abandoned. Lets be clear that it's not ideas we would have wanted in the show. These are the official plot imagined be Joss Whedon and his creative team when they wrote the show. These ideas simply weren't picked up.

Alex should have been gay

Alexander Harris

Early in the series, long before Willow meets Tara and she was still in love with Alex, Joss Whedon was not very sure of the character that would become gay in. One can observe more allusions to sexuality Alex in season 2 (and 3) Buffy the Vampire Slayer, especially when interacting with the character of Larry. But at the end of the season 3, it seemed more logical for it to be Joss Whedon Willow which becomes lesbian in future seasons.

Fred and Illyria, split in tow

Fred and Illyria, split in tow

Unlike Buffy, Angel the series was canceled too soon. This cancellation was painful for Joss Whedon who had planned a storyline with actress Amy Acker (Fred/Illyria). If the series had another season, the actress would have had the chance to play both characters, Fred et la DEESSE Illyria, together.

While Fred's soul is supposed to be destroyed by Illyria when she died, the last episode of the series shows Illyria can take on the appearance and personality when Fred Wesley dies. She would have been able, over time, be able to be both characters. More, if season 6 there was, it would likely survive Wesley, bringing a storyline and dynamic between the two characters rather interesting.

Oz return in Angel


Since its start in series Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 4, fans have always hoped to return Oz. Rumors on discontinued storylines say it would have been expected the character of Oz redo an appearance in an arc of several episodes towards the end of the series Angel, much like Willow in Season 4 of Angel. The appearance of the werewolf Nina in season 5 Angel could make a nice introduction to the arrival of Oz.

Buffy and Xander romance


Even if this romance might please those who wanted the whole, we are not sure that this scenario was seriously considered. Nicholas Brendon has revealed that he and Sarah Michelle Gellar proposed the idea to Joss Whedon to create a romance between the two characters during the season 7. But the idea was refused because the writers did not want to taint the friendship of the two characters during 7 years.

The episode 2 d’Angel shoulw have been darker !

L'épisode 2 d'Angel devait être très sombre !

In the Beginning, the second episode of season 1 d’Angel was written to be very dark, dismal, almost unhealthy. This episode should have been called “Corrupt” (En VF: Corrupt), which, by screenwriter David Furry, was “mainly about drugged prostitutes. Not what you see on The WB Network. Et Kate Lockeley, the cop, was originally to be a police undercover who was addicted to cocaine and sleeping with men against money, because it would be too involved in his work of undercover cop.”

The chain has forced the writers to review their episode, even themselves knew very well that the episode was too dark. The second episode was produced thus called “Lonely Hearts” (en VF: Angel is Team), David Fury contains some script elements, but focuses more on being single in LA rather than drug addiction.

Tara return in season 7

Tara return in season 7

Le personnage two Tara had to go back twice in the season 7. The first is in the episode 7.07 Complicity (VO: Conversations with Dead People) where Tara was to appear as a form of Force to convince Willow suicide. She should therefore appear instead of Cassie Newton. But Amber Benson refused for good reason : “Among the reasons for this refusal, one of them was that I refused that Tara is 'nasty'. As an actress, I love playing bad guys, sexy et bitchy, but as a person who often receives letters from fans who say : 'I did not end my days with your role to you and Alyson Hannigan on Buffy.’ I thought : 'I can not do that to my character.'”

Joss Whedon would also have wanted to return Tara permanently. In an episode of the season 7, the Puissances Supérieures have contacted Buffy Summers and would have granted him a wish for all the good she has done. She would then chooses resurrect Tara. It is not known why this idea has never been accepted.

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