We had announced, le film Sexe Intentions will have its own TV series ! It is no longer a secret that Sarah Michelle Gellar will be on hand to reprise his role of Kathryn Merteuil. For the time being, the network NBC has ordered that the first episode (is called a Pilot) and then judge whether or not it buys Series.

Season-Zero.com The site has had a chance to see the pilot episode and make a review (which contains no spoiler). Our partner SMG-France.net translated the critique in full.

Discover below excerpts from the review is rather positive. To read more, please visit SMG-France.net.

Excerpt from the review

They made some allusions to the past, with scenes that resemble the movie but with the new generation of actors-especially the scene or Bash (the son of Sebastian) Kansas leaves in his car with the diary of his late father in the passenger seat, while the iconic song Bittersweet Symphony starts
Be reassured, it [Sarah Michelle Gellar] always the best replica. Sarah Michelle Gellar can only excel with them.
There is a huge twist at the end of the script. My lips are sealed. I'm not sure that production happens in secrecy (or even try to keep secret?) but it will not please everyone, for sure. Me, I think this is a big blow and it was too hard to resist ...
It is the soap that was expected for some time. The latest Soap? The Dangerous Liaisons was a bit of a soap, after all. The script respects the film, it is filled with twists, it's fun and sexy, does not take itself too seriously
We can not say no to a script like this one but the cast will be crucial ... NBC had better not be cruel. We need it and we do not even know all these years!

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