The Saturday 19 and the Sunday 20 March 2016 the convention was held Witches vs Vampires à Paris. Organized by GuestsEvents, it brought together actors Buffy James Marsters (Spike), Nicholas Brendon (Alex), Emma Caulfield (Mother) and Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia). The Charmed series was also present among us, represented by Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs, Drew Fuller, Dorian Gregory et Ted King.

I come away satisfied in my entire weekend despite some blackheads.

Convention Buffy Personally coming for one of the two series, the schedule was not especially interesting for those who were in the same situation as me. Having my autographs on Saturday and therefore not interested in the panel of Charmed, I started my day on Sunday at noon, thus losing a full morning of convention. holes of an hour or more without extras Buffy also slipped into the weekend at times, and there was only one panel of each series a day with all the actors met each time, instead of several panels during the day as seen usually in other conventions. I think it was rather difficult to succeed in stalling two groups of actors in so little time, and finally GuestsEvents is in pretty well out, but for me it was a mistake to mix us with another set. It asked me a problem for the schedule but in the rivalry that was introduced throughout the weekend between fans. I did not particularly enjoyed having to shout louder for a series either, for a better actor than a series of, to boast that we were the best… I also had to endure Charmed fans who were talking all around me during our series of panels without worrying for a moment to hinder those who came to Buffy. To finish it before moving on a positive note, the sound was extremely loud when the singers of the body came alive on stage, to the point that I had to leave the room that had become unbearable noise level. The announcement of the duo Emma / Nicholas was made at that time at the microphone, so I unfortunately missed my photo (I also met two other people who could not make it either following this issue announcement…)

Convention Buffy About actors, Nicholas announced the pregnancy of Emma from the opening ceremony "If you asked, I am not the father " what she said " I am pregnant, not just fat '. It was really great to start with it, it makes very pleased to hear a new entry like. Emma is nice and smiling, and during the autograph she did not hesitate not to do a little humor. I was very happy to see her for the first time since it plays my second favorite character in the series, and I have fond memories. Unfortunately it often felt ill over the weekend after pregnancy, and she had to finish the photos earlier on Saturday, did not come in the evening to be able to rest, felt ill at the end autographs .... It is perfectly understandable of course, it's a shame that the agreement has fallen at that time for her. It's already very nice to be still came anyway ! Following the joke of Nicholas I felt compelled to tell her where I was able to approach the autographs "I'm sure Nick will do a very good father" and approved a "I'm sure it will be a very present father indeed" Ah ah. And on my post to dedicate it even made a boom Anya Faith by adding "Babe" ! In summary, a very nice guest, I loved to meet.

Convention Buffy Nicholas et James not of course have changed since the last time I saw them there a month and a half, they are still as funny and pleasant. We have had a surprise mini-concert of James Saturday through guitar singer GuestsEvents, it was really great. He sang us three songs from the new album "Faux Bourgeois" of his music group Ghost of the Robot. It really seemed to do it with pleasure, and I could finally hear her sing in real life for the first time ! James still remained extremely tactile, listened attentively fans who asked him a question, staring into the eyes to finish answering taking the time to develop and was listening to fans throughout the weekend. Even when I asked my question to Emma panel seemed to listen to me carefully, fixing me with his eyes. For me, it's just the perfect guest. He also made my day when I went to see him for the first time of the weekend on Saturday morning with autographs. He looked up at me and he said with a smile « Oh, nice to see you again ! » (Happy to see you again !). Given the number of fans he meets the months that really made me, really fun, especially coming from one who embodies my favorite character. I was just thrilled !
concerning Nicholas, he seems to have kept a great relationship with Emma, it was very nice to see. He likes to joke and it's always nice to see. He made us his famous snoopy dance, sang a bit of I'll Never Tell and even rock Anya on rabbits ! In the evening he even amused to take any bread they gave him to ultimately end up with fifteen rolls in the arms and mouth full point it out in him, it was just hilarious ! It's very good to see the fun in a period that is difficult for him.

Convention Buffy The last guest was Buffy Charisma. Unfortunately, it was really the ends limits this weekend. I did not take any extra with it because I had not been especially good memories of his presence in each of my meetings, but at least before it had always made the effort to pretend to be happy for being here unlike last week. I heard a lot of problems concerning the most of what I've seen here. She seemed bored during panels, looked at his watch and his cell in front of us, wanted to do poses that from the second photo, refused to change places with photoshoots over lighting and did not want to put between her and Nick photo duo because of that, did arrive Shannen and Holly delay on the first morning, was very rude to the staff, and so on ... It was something pretty amazing what we heard on site. She has really gone too far this time, and it seems to take no pleasure to be in agreement unlike actors like James who has a lot of human contact and it always seems interested in what he tells people. It hurts me to say that an actress Buffy, but it became rather hard to look the other way ...

Knowing very little Charmed I'm not going to dwell on it, I just could approach the actors quickly during the evening. Dorian was extremely nice and Holly was even more beautiful than on television. Shannen said that filming the new series of Sarah Michelle Gellar, Cruel Intentions, just behind her and she proceeded to spend the week in view (for those who do not know, they have been friends a long time). She even to our table with a pink princess tiara and a scepter-heart, it was great ! In any case it remained rather nice players even though I knew very little !

Overall an interesting convention even if not perfect. I would just like to commend the talented Lecturer (Moderator / Translator) GuestsEvents of which was really good and put a great atmosphere ! It felt very good to see that he was also a big fan of Buffy and he looked just as happy as we meet the players. A very big thank you to all the fans with whom I could talk or spend time, you always made me half the convention to you alone. ups, low, but a weekend is as always been rich in emotions. It's already announced, the 15 and 16 April 2017 there will be a second edition 100% Buffy. I'll be very likely, and I can not wait ! Meanwhile, Management Birmingham in June with guests like Alyson Hannigan, Alexis Denisof or even Anthony Head !

Convention Buffy