The preview l’episode 27 season 10 of Buffy are now available. L’épisode s’intitule 10.27 Own it, part 2. The episode is drawn by Rebekah Isaacs. Below, Here the preview with translation :


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The size of the hell of Anharra

Demon : Look at the. It is so beautiful, a powerful king, the embodiment of all our finest ideals. Joffrey ! Joffrey ! Joffrey !
Demon 2 : Lord Alex, please, tell me that King Joffrey and his fiancee are eternal happiness torturing unnecessary farmers.
Alex : Uh ... no spoilers.

Dawn : Demons look so happy.
Alex : Hey, it was simple. They used to watch programs from the earth and that evil forces to act. I thought that if I came to the focus on cable channels instead, it's win win. It's true that I had some problems with piracy worries, but not surprised, il n’y pas de de société de télé payante en enfer.

Alex : Wait, ils ont l’air heureux, mais tu as l’air malheureuse.

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Dawn : Tu as tout fait pour me rendre heureuse ici et les démons aussi, littéralement ils me vénèrent. Mais la maison me manque, Buffy me manque, Willow et l’école…

Dawn : Je sais que Willow nous a dit de rester ici jusqu’à ce qu’ils reviennent nous chercher, mais je vois tous ces portails qui flottent juste là.
Je suis la clé. Je sers à ouvrir les portes entre les dimensions. Est-ce vraiment difficile de retrouver le chemin du retour ?

Alex : Selon Willow, ça l’est, elle a dit que nous pourrions complètement nous perdre.
Tu es la clé, pas une carte, nous n’avons aucune idée d’où aller.
Wife : Well, this is something I can do well.

Alex : Damn it, who are you madam ?
Wife : My name is Lilah Morgan. I just Earth, like you two, and I noticed you more than any wish to return.

Lilah : Well good news. My employees Wolfram & Hart hardament want to show you the way ...
... If we can find a beneficial mutual agreement.

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Dawn : Never ever. We know your demonic law firm.
Lilah : It is a term often misused. People think that we are "a demonic law firm" whereas "evil law" is just one of our specialties in which we excel.
Dawn : Ah oui ? And what reason have we to do just to go home ?

Lilah : Oh, there is a whole range of possibilities. Open and close the portal to good start. Barriers present on Earth are much stronger than before.
And I understand that your sister to a certain influence on the writing of new rules of magic. A word here, a point there ...

Dawn : Not. Oh, ever.
Alex : You understood. break you. And I really was looking not your breasts ! This is your huge scar on your neck that caught my eye.

Lilah : Do not pay attention. Usually I wear scarves, but it's incredibly humid here.
But you probably noticed. And the terrible food, rains acid and the great misery.

Lilah : I'll be at the local office which is certainly a slum, but which has at least the air conditioning. Consider my offer.
But do not wait too. Because I can not stand to stay here more than a few days…

Lilah : ... And then I guess you want to see your sister. With the short life expectancy of a Slayer, you never know how long you have left, n & rsquo; is it not ?

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Buffy season 10 Buffy season 10

While Dawn and Alex are trapped in another dimension, Buffy, Willow and Giles are betrayed by the Magic Council, the people of fairies and military (no surprise to those there), while also trying to agree among themselves.
Release : 18 May 2016 (USA)