On the occasion of Dark Horse Day 2016, the publisher of the Buffy comics will edit a special issue that will consolidate several mini stories of their best series. In this “Dark Horse Sampler“, you can find such stories Aliens vs. Predator: Blood Time, de Randy Stradley et Phill Norwood, Sin City: Daddy’s Little Girl (1996), Frank Miller, The Umbrella Academy: Anywhere But Here (2008), de Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá, et bien sûr, a story about Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Written by Christos Gage.

This story takes place in parallel to the season 10 Buffy and staged staged Harmony Kendall and the demon Clem that make a live television broadcast of the Convention VampCon 2. It is of course not essential to the main story of the season, and simply a little extra to the story.

This is Comic free and the fate 1er Juin 2016. Below, Here the preview with translation :


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Clem : health VampCon 2 ! And welcome to this special presentation. Life has changed quite dramatically in recent times. And not just for us ...

Harmony : Clem ! you're supposed to introduce myself ME !

Clem : Uh, without delay, the lovely, bright, a true gift of hell for vampires : Harmony Kendall !
Harmony : Thank you, sweetie.

Harmony : We are here to see how things became dingo-crazy in so little time. Wholesale, the world knows the existence of the supernatural and vampires. New and classics like us. And thanks to me, everyone loves us ! That is why it is important to follow my rules. We not create humans. You do not bite without permission. A vein that beats not consent, even if it is clear that it requires only that.

Harmony : It was a hand to take a challenge .... He had to get used ... but it's better for everyone. Même si vous vous demandez… comment font les anciens, ceux qui n’ont pas un talent de meneur comme moi, pour trouver leur place dans ce nouveau monde ? Ce soir nous le sauront.

Buffy : J’espère que tu plaisantes.
Harmony : Buffy Summers ! Avant tu étais LA Tueuse de vampires ! Tu as ensuite pris la décision stupide de partager ton pouvoir avec des milliers d’autres femmes.

Harmony : It makes you feel to be boring now ?

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Buffy : No comment, I do my laundry. And now emerges before j'te fade ... oops, too late, I just saw your hair.
Harmony : What vulgarity ! This is a public place ! And I'm also here to warn you. I heard that someone wanted to kill you.

Buffy : It's like that since I 15 years, then welcome to my life. I'm on it. Unless it is a false attack you have planned for the hearing.
Harmony : Ooh, it looks like someone has read a bad movie script. Looking for a career change, Now you've become useless ?

Buffy : Of a : I like not having any responsibilities. Of two: I am very busy. And three : Get out of my ...
Clem : Buffy ! Attention !

Buffy : I'm fed up.

Harmony : As you can see, old resentments have life last. iM asking you, which of us is the true monster ?
Vampire : Clem, asks the camera before the break.

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Buffy season 10 Buffy season 10

This short story is about Harmony Kendall and Clem demon who make a live television broadcast of the Convention VampCon 2.
Release : 1 June 2016 (USA)