The preview l’episode 28 season 10 of Buffy are now available. L’épisode s’intitule 10.28 Own it, part 3. The episode is drawn by Rebekah Isaacs. Below, Here the preview with translation :


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Buffy : You ... is breaking up with me ? Now ?

Spike : I am sorry. But I feel we are too busy with our own problems to take care of Hoffryn. And let's be honest Slayer, there are problems.

Spike : I think any of us were ready to face the reality of a real relationship. Between you and me, I mean. There are things that you want from me and I could not give you. A normal relationship. But I can not be normal, huh ? We can not grow old together because I do not grow old. We can not have children if you ever want to.

Spike : I think I was lying to myself, not ? As far as I can remember in my life of poet missed, I had this notion that love overcomes all.

Spike : It was ridiculous. And I think I've always known.

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Spike : Finally look at my past conquests. Drusilla could not leave me because she was crazy, until she left me. Harmony, a girl who does not even interest me whose relationship was doomed.

Spike : But you and I, as soon as we were together, it was complicated. I know that part is my fault. And I'm sorry about that.

Spike : I just think it can be better if we stop now ... ... before getting worse ...

Spike : It's easier that way.

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The size of the prawns.

Alex : Talk about a warm welcome ! They just want us to boil !

The infinite Stairs.

Dawn : cursed Escher ! I can not find the remedy. My powers are useless here !
Alex : We just end up all together. One step at a time. We will eventually get there.

Forest of Woe.

Lapland : I show you the direction of the Earth, in exchange of your pants.
Alex : My trousers ?

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Alex and Dawn embark on an incredible journey into another dimension in order to find the way home. Meanwhile, nothing goes between Buffy and her friends ... you think the world will be able to fend for himself ?
Release : 22 June 2016 (USA)