— La couverture du TBD 4 the season 10 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer vient d’être dévoilée par Panini Comics France. So it is a French exit ! The 6 July 2016, thus you can get your bookseller to get it. Il regroupe les episodes 16 with 20 and is entitled “Old Demons”.

Below, you will find a small summary of what awaits you in this volume.

[jumbotron heading=”Buffy : Season 10, Tome 4″ tagline=”Par Christos Gage (writer), Rebekah Isaacs (Dessinateur), Joss Whedon (Executive Producer), Steve Morris (Alternative Cover), Dan Jackson (coloriste)”]
Buffy the Vampire Slayer : Season 10, TBD 4

Buffy : Season 10, TBD 4

When & rsquo; an ex-lover Buffy arrives in San Francisco, the tension and the group will put his little personal problems aside to combat Archaeus. The latter can control Angel and Spike, Buffy will have to be very careful if it wants to prevent that & rsquo; s & they rsquo; killing.
Lorsque Willow, thanks to the magic, Giles helps to become adult, problems tributary ...
Release : 6 July 2016 (FR)
Contents : Episodes 16 with 20

Ep. #16 Old Demons
(Section 1)
Ep. #17 Old Demons
(Section 2)
Ep. #18 Old Demons
(Section 3)
Ep. #19 Freaky Giles Day
Ep. #20 Triggers