La nouvelle a été annoncée lors de la GenCon2016, a festival du Jeu de Société à Indianapolis. The company Upper Deck va adapter la série Buffy the Vampire Slayer en jeu “Legendary”.

Legendary : Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Visuel non-officiel, created by a fan

Games Legendary are type of games “Deck Building”, is playing with cards to make his deck and improve.

We have only very little information since the information has been announced during the festival, but we can tell you that the cards will represent your favorite heroes and they will have predefined action. It will use your smart cards beat the Big Bads.

No release date has been announced, but it is likely that the game kind in 2017.

FYI, the society Upper Deck has already created games in the Marvel license, Alien, Predator and even… Firefly ! The latter is provided for the 10 Next August in the US.

Voici quelques images des cartes du jeu Firefly, pour vous donner un petit aperçu de ce que pourrait donner le jeu Legendary Buffy.

Cartes du jeu Legendary : Firefly

Cartes du jeu Legendary : Firefly

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Eric is rather excited about the Buffy news!

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