whereas a 11th season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer had been validated by the publisher Dark Horse, we were without news of a sequel for Angel. We now know much more about the future of the series since the information has fallen : there will be a season 11 of Angel (which will run parallel to Buffy) !

This is the writer Corinna Bechko (who recently wrote the comics Lara Croft) and artist Geraldo Borges (Deadpool and Ghost) which will form the creative duo this season. For hedges, found Scott Fischer (Angel & Faith) and Jeff Sticker.

In the story level :
In this new season, Angel returns to solo and is haunted by memories of his past that have a link with a future Big Bad. The Illyria goddess accompanying then he discovered he could change the future by traveling in the past to change.

If it appears clear that Fred / Illyria will be part in this new season, for the moment, the future of the character of Faith is a mystery and it looks like she does not part. This season will feature Angel 12 episodes in total, the first released on 18 January 2017. Reminder, season 11 Buffy also include 12 but episodes will begin in November 2016.

The two cover of the first episode, as well as preview :

Angel saison 11 Angel saison 11

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You can access the section ANGEL SEASON 11 on the site via the menu (up), and Record episode 11.01. You can also find coverage in this photo gallery.

Below, find an interview with the writer Corinna Bechko :

Question : The first thing fans will notice is that this season is called 'Angel season 11’ and Angel & Faith’. Why he returns solo and what it will change ?
Corinna : This season is closely following the events of the season 10, but we go in very different places, literally. I can not say more.

Question : How is Joss Whedon involved in the process and the decisions of the season ?
Corinna : It is he who decides what direction the story goes, but I do have a lot of freedom as a writer to adapt. It is a very rewarding experience.

Question : What can fans expect it for this 11th season ?
Corinna : The main theme of the season is the "journey", and some places will be very unexpected. There will be dangerous alliances, broken loyalty, and of course an assortment of demons and other creatures.