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It started like this…

Slayer Revival it was primarily a class project for my year Bachelor Webmarketing. After his the creation 17 December 2011, I had my notes for this project but I could not tell me that all this was of no avail. So I decided to keep the site so that it becomes a reference.

Slayer Revival version 1

That's when the adventure Slayer Revival begins ! First, I focused on News of the actors and the series, but I quickly saw that this was not enough. So I opened a Photo Gallery to store all the images in the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and actors. I laid on the site by adding a series Angel. And I subsequently created a Database which would bring together all the information possible on the Buffyverse.

For a time, it was possible to register and have a profile. But this feature disappeared in the late summer 2011.

At the beginning of January that Forum Slayer Revival opened and gradually became very active.

In May we were contacted by the Comic Con in Paris to attend the Buffy Reunion, the 4 to 7 July 2013. So we went together to Paris, where we held a stand with our derivative objects, where we organized animations in a room (videos, quiz, proceedings…) and where we have obviously seen the actors.

In 2015, the site is increasingly visited, et plusieurs site d’actualité le cite comme étant la French benchmark in Buffy the Vampire cons.

The adventure continues ..