1.01 L’Épreuve 1

1.01 The Event 1


The episode begins with a flashback showing Rupert Giles. It is in full exorcism of a demon that has Plagarius a little girl. We then see him in the house of a woman named Anne, who is the mother of the girl possessed. Tentacles come out of his mouth and trying to kill his mother who is saved at Giles. The latter and the mother retreats into the bathroom to protect and Giles explains that the devil took total possession of the girl and that exorcism is not possible. He then realizes that the demon can lock temporarily until it finds a solution to remove the little girl. The moment he casts a spell, one of Giles throat slice tentacles without being a fatal injury. Giles explains that the only way to lock the demon is to sacrifice a loved one. He continues by explaining that the spell gives his life to enclose the demon. So, As Giles is alive, the demon is locked. Finally, the girl becomes normal and Anne Giles promises to return when he has found a solution.

Present. Angel and Faith fighting the little girl who is then again possessed by the devil Plagarius. Giles died, the demon is free again. While the girl / Angel devil insult, it develops a plan. He died the girl that brought out the devil. Now that the girl is safely in his mother's arms, Angel and Faith can fight the demon. When wearing the final blow, du sang vert éclabousse Angel qui est alors atteint de visions et flashbacks de Giles et Jenny Calendar. He told Faith that when Giles has locked the demon was the day he fell in love with Jenny. While guilty of killing Giles, the mother of the girl wants Angel to have bitten her daughter. Angel explains that he did not drink his blood and the wound is superficial. When Anne, the mother, asks if Giles who sent them save, Faith in saying yes ment.

Outdoors, the evening, Angel and Faith talk about the new mission of Angel. Indeed, it wants to read the newspaper Giles to save the innocent. Faith told him to stop feeling guilty. Angel decides to go alone in the apartment and Faith decides to join a friend.

A few blocks from here, a young woman in evening dress walking down the street and gets attacked. It turns out that the young woman, called Nadira, is a vampire slayer Faith and that which took her by surprise. They go both in a nightclub.

In the box, Faith dance a while and then joined Nadira sipping a drink at the bar, depressed air. They seem to know yourself and Faith reveals that the Slayers who were with Nadira took all get killed and get Nadira has output accuracy. Nadira added that it was Willow who treated. Nadira says that while it is a demon torque / vampire (race yet unknown), with supernatural powers who killed all them violently without mercy. She adds that they are called Pearl (Girl) et Nash (for boy) and were under the command of Twilight/Twilight (Angel). Faith seemed to ignore this detail and takes the air shocked. Nadira then swears revenge Angel!

In a London bar, Whistler said that the Earth has completely changed and that having destroyed the germ of Wonders, thus banishing all magic in the world was a mistake and that Angel should never have done what he did. He then used a beer to someone who has the blood in hand, saying that he claims his help and said that he will have to fight against Angel. We discover that this is the couple, Nash Pearl and Whistler who are recruited to kill Angel. We also discover that they have killed all customers in a very violent manner Bar.

A l’appartement de Giles, Faith asks for explanations to Angel and asked him if he really ordered to kill all the Slayers squadron Nadira. Angel explains that he does not remember but it's very possible since it was owned by Twilight. Angel adds that Pearl and Nash are very violent and they feed on human emotions such as fear, lust and death and this makes them stronger. He added that their mother mated with a demon voluntarily. Angel then performed tremendously guilty of having committed these acts while he was possessed and that he now has a new mission.

Finally, Faith told him that having a new mission thanks to Giles log is awesome and it will help, but it can never replace Giles. Angel lui dit “Take his place ? I could never take his place. I'll bring it back to life.”

Season 9 – Episode #1
U.S. release: 31 August 2011 / Title : Live Through This
FR Released: 22 August 2012 / Title : The Event
Additional Info
Writer : Christos Gage
Dessinateur : Rebekah Isaacs
Coloriste : Dan Jackson
Alternative coverage : Steve Morris, Jo Chen, Georges Jeanty


Giles is the third most important character in the series. Indeed, it appears on the first page of the episode 1.
On one of the covers, you can see the number “25” which is a reference to 25 ans de l’éditeur Dark Hors Comics. We can see the same number on one episode covers 1 season 9 of Buffy.


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