1.04 L’Épreuve, 4

1.04 The Event, 4


As Angel continues his quest to resurrect the dead according to the different tracks he records reveal Observers, Faith changes his mind on this mission impossible. A new ally tells him to weigh the pros and the cons and to pay attention to face the consequences of behavior Angel. Meanwhile, among the parties, the training of other killer and hunting, Faith with its own problems concerning a killer seeking revenge! Stress is at its peak. Is Faith will stand?

Season 9 – Episode #4
U.S. release: 30 November 2011 / Title : Live Through This
FR Released: 22 August 2012 / Title : The Event
Additional Info
Writer : Christos Gage
Dessinateur : Rebekah Isaacs
Coloriste : Dan Jackson
Alternative coverage : Steve Morris


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