1.12 Réunion de Famille, 2

1.12 Family Reunion, 2


By using the latest magic resources, Angel, Faith, Willow et Connor pénètrent dans la dimension démoniaque ou personne ne devrait —ou plutôt, not go oserait-: Quorum-Toth ! Willow's quest to bring back the magic was his purpose on Earth; Angel was the goal of ... some other thing. And of Faith ? It follows the other and made sure that everyone is safe.

Season 9 – Episode #12
U.S. release: 25 July 2012 / Title : Family Reunion
FR Released: 25 September 2013 / Title : Family Reunion
Additional Info
Writer : Christos Gage
Dessinateur : Rebekah Isaacs
Coloriste : Dan Jackson
Alternative coverage : Steve Morris


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