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This page is a list of American novels from the TV series Angel. The novels are located below the American editions.
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T1 – City Of

Written by : Nancy Holder
Release Date : 1 December 1999

The worst curse, for a vampire, Is to have lost its soul, or have found ? Income from hell but separated from Buffy, Angel has only one way to remain faithful : also fight against the forces of Darkness !Un inconnu enveloppé d’un manteau noir hante les nuits de Los Angeles. Sometimes, he plunges into a dark alley than others and snatches prey to the claws of a vampire. No one knows his name, except Doyle, a strange guy who is quick to flush him out and make him a curious proposal. Why not meddle back to stand between humanity and the innocent victims and the hordes of evil ? Parti de Sunnydale pour fuir un amour impossible, Angel agrees to play the game. His redemption is the price, even if doubt get one day !

T2 – Not forgotten

Written by : Nancy Holder
Release Date : 1 April 2000

Des meurtres en série à Los Angeles. Nothing really surprising, alas. But the procedure is surprising, since the victims have… burnt inside. Taking charge of the investigation, Angel – now helped by Cordelia – s’enfonce dans les quartiers les plus sinistres de Los Angeles et remonte la piste d’un odieux seigneur des bas-fonds obsédé par la quête de l’immortalité. To achieve its objective, illuminated this will stop at nothing. Including resurrect Latura, Indonesian God of the Dead…

T3 – Redemption

Written by : Mel Odom
Release Date : 1 June 2000

Cordelia and Doyle jubilant ! Their new client, Whitney Tyler, is a boon to the reputation of their agency. Ironie du sort, this famous actress plays a vampire in a Television Series. But a bizarre sect, taking her for a real blood drinker, seeks to eliminate. Angel is far less enthusiastic when meeting Whitney, perfect double of the Cross Although he fought when he terrorized the eighteenth century Europe as the Angelus. A chance to atone for his sins… or a death trap ?

T4 – Close to the Ground

Written by : Jeff Mariotte
Release Date : 1 August 2000

Inhabited by a demon, Angel is not immune against human weaknesses. When Jack Willitts, un ponte d’Hollywood, it offers a fortune to be the guardian angel of his daughter, the vampire accepts the mission. Noting that Karinna is an abominable spoiled child, he quickly regrets his decision. Especially since the girl is chased by a mysterious enemy ready to destroy everything in its path to achieve its objectives ! And that's how a food job turns into a struggle for power, glory… and immortality !

T5 – Shakedown

Written by : Don Debrandt
Release Date : 1 November 2000

Angel decides to help a community of demons abandoned their sinister activities to launch… in business ! Despite resistance from Doyle and Cordelia – all the more astonishing that these customers are not looking to spend – the vampire persists and signs ! Is it because he feels more in common with these creatures of evil path of redemption ? Maybe… But he forgot one detail : the world of kings of finance, by these days, is at least as ruthless as hell !

T6 – Hollywood Black

Written by : Jeff Mariotte
Release Date : 1 January 2001

Betty McCoy…, Sunset Boulevard…, this is the vision that The-Powers-That-Be has sent to Doyle. Shortly before, the corpse of a mysterious private investigator was found in a building near Sunset. Launched on Betty track, Angel, Doyle and Cordy discover that she died there over thirty years, and sought by the ghost detective, Mike Slade ! Their investigations lead them directly to him, et surtout à la Compagnie de l’Eau de Los Angeles, fief half a thirsty demon of power against which Slade to wreak revenge…

T7 – Avatar

Written by : John Passarella
Release Date : 1 March 2001

A qui appartiennent ces corps que l’on découvre bientôt un peu partout dans les ruelles de Los Angeles ? Bodies desiccated, emptied of their substance, of which there are only skin. The only point that links the victims of these is their hobby : Internet discussion forums. It is through these "chat rooms" a demon chooses its prey before handling and stretch them a deathtrap to complete a demonic ritual that give him power and immortality. An evil power that it plans to extend well beyond the limits of Internet…

T8 – Soul Trade

Written by : Thomas E. Sniegoski
Release Date : 1 May 2001

A Los Angeles, City excesses and extremes, absolutely everything is for sale ! When Doyle, Cordelia and Angel discover a little girl literally stripped of his soul, they quickly understand the rage that a new commodity on the black market. For high rollers, drug addicts and gangsters, afford a soul is a gold investment. And that of an innocent child for record prices ! When Angel joins in, determined to ruin this monstrous trade, traffickers are warning they previously neglected a soul that will explode auctions. The vampire turned vigilante !

T9 – Unseen : 1 – The Burning

Written by : Nancy Holder, Jeff Mariotte
Release Date : 1 May 2001

Depuis le départ d’Angel de Sunnydale, He and Buffy carefully avoid. What good reopen old wounds when fate's verdict is final ? Ever separated, the vampire with a soul and the Slayer will continue to love in secret and it may well be better… Except when duty brings together ! Investigating a case of gang war not very… Catholic. Buffy has just discovered that the key problem is in Los Angeles. As ever, Angel is also on the case ! Sentimental reunion for ? Maybe, but on Apocalypse background… Because the Hell's Mouth, lately, vomits more demons than ever !

T10 – Unseen: 2 – Door to Alternity

Written by : Nancy Holder, Jeff Mariotte
Release Date : 26 June 2001

Le mal ravage Sunnydale et Los Angeles ! Gang War, disappearances of teenagers, monsters loose in the streets… Brief, everything goes wrong, but what is the relationship between these events ? And if an enemy pulls the strings in the shadows, how flush ? Forgetting their emotional problems, Angel and Buffy are investigating together and discover a serious track. Nostalgic of the past, scientists from Eastern dared manipulate time and space in the hope of restoring the Soviet Union. But playing with parallel dimensions, so close to the Hellmouth, is a inivitation the Apocalypse !

T11 – Witch

Written by : Mel Odom
Release Date : 1 August 2001

The agency Angel receives information on a half-mad woman involved in a series of disturbing events. The vampire investigation and discovers that this Bruja – a witch – is the reincarnation of the Llorona, a legendary figure of Spanish folklore. When a woman who admits killing his own son attacks a priest and lack kill, Angel made immediately link. In his youth, two hundred and fifty years earlier, He has heard of similar cases possession. If he does not act, evil will spread. And Los Angeles need not plague more !

T12 – Unseen: 3 – Long Way Home

Written by : Nancy Holder, Jeff Mariotte
Release Date : 28 August 2001

How to find teenagers abducted by mad scientists and scattered in a myriad of parallel dimensions ? And if successful, how find his way back quickly enough to avoid being eaten, calcined or gutted by the monsters that swarm in this nightmarish maze ? A fairly agonizing question for Buffy and Angel for a moment forget their sentimental problems. But nothing is lost, as help arrived ! Finally, in theory… Because having Faith and Spike on the arms, in this kind of context, is not necessarily an asset. At this rate, la Tueuse et le vampire détective ne sont pas près de revoir Sunnydale !

T13 – The Summoned

Written by : Cameron Dokey
Release Date : 1 December 2001

Spokesman Powers that are, Doyle is then struck by a vision… he is shopping in a supermarket ! When a young woman, offers to help the, shocked by the images of fire and death that beset his mind, the half-demon is interested only in it. A lack of tragic flair, car Terri Miller, to bienfaitrice, is the next recruit a sect which all the prey die charred. A coincidence which would have helped Angel, busy tracking down the same killers. And Cordelia avoided to appear in first place on the list of their victims !

T14 – Haunted

Written by : Jeff Mariotte
Release Date : 1 February 2002

The hour of the glory of Cordelia sounded ! Selected by a production company, it will burst the screen in a reality show that is to stay – with other candidates – in a haunted house. Pour une survivante de Sunnydale qui travaille avec un vampire et héberge un fantôme sous son toit, win, and its accompanying check, seems a mere formality. But when he arrived in the manor, Who Are the power to send him a terrifying vision. Cut to Angel and Wesley, Cordy starts to play – en prime time ! – the role of his life. Great, not ? Provided that this is not the last…

T15 – Image

Written by : Mel Odom
Release Date : 1 April 2002

While investigating in a dilapidated mansion, Cordelia discovers a curious picture gallery… and falls between the paws of a raging demon. Saved by Angel, Cordy show him his finds. In front of the paintings, the vampire feels a strange feeling of déjà vu… Worried, it recognizes the leg of Gabriel Dantz, a painter whose Darla, its initiator vampirism, was infatuated… in 1815, Venice ! Committed to the portrait of the blood drinker, the young man had almost lost her skin. But how can he be present in Los Angeles two centuries later ? Seeking the answer, Angel thinks about an evening in Geneva, in 1816, Gabriel and… Mary et Percy Shelley !

T16 – Stranger to the Sun

Written by : Jeff Mariotte
Release Date : 1 June 2002

Open an ordinary package can be dangerous when working with a vampire. Contaminated by a parcel bomb, Wesley fell into a coma. While Cordelia watches over him, Angel and Gunn are discovering that dozens of Los Angeles citizens have suffered the same fate. Their common ? A great interest in magic and astronomy. What is behind this wave of attacks against the sorcerers and some scientists of the city ? A new plan twisted vampires ? Probably, since the same night, blood drinkers to abduct two young sacrifice during a particular ritual… sombre.

T17 – Vengeance

Written by : Scott Ciencin, Dan Jolley
Release Date : 1 August 2002

Los Angeles has a new darling named Lily Pierce. This beautiful young woman is campaigning for the abolition of doubt and anxiety and promotes the castaways of life achieve their dreams by ignoring all obstacles. A crash program prompting a crowd of onlookers - instead of full kind aces ! - To attend the evenings ” benefactress ” organizes blows of dollars. Contacté par Wolfram & Hart, his sworn enemies, Angel reluctantly agrees to investigate a utopia too attractive to be honest. But when Wesley is removed, Cordelia and Gunn turned into disfigured demon, the vampire believes it's time to kick over the traces…

T18 – The Longest Night

Written by : Pierce Askegren, Jeff Mariotte, Christopher Golden, Scott & Denise Ciencin, Emily Oz, Nancy Holder
Release Date : 2 December 2002

To celebrate the winter solstice, Cordelia had the bright idea to organize a party in the premises of the agency. On first reluctant, Angel relented. After all, review their old friends christmas approach is a pleasant prospect… Was that the forces of evil, also, decided to celebrate the occasion. In their own way, obviously ! So, hour after hour, from dusk to dawn, the vampire and his friends will not risk to be unemployed. Because these are in a race against time, on a plot strewn with obstacles by all demons, ghosts and monsters of creation ! The longest night of the year continues, exhausting for Angel and his friends. Fortunately, around midnight, they receive gifts sent by their old “guys” de Wolfram & Hart. A touching care, not ? Especially when you have to embark, for a time travel to the consequences… burning. But what wonder, when we go backpacking, in the fourteenth century, among amateurs monks pyres ? Go, no defeatism ! Returning, tout s'arrangera… After some trouble with the homeless, a snowman-like monster and a band of demons who want to extinguish the sun…

T19 – Impressions

Written by : Doranna Durgin
Release Date : 1 February 2003

When a guy tumbling in their office, a monster by Northwest, Wesley and Cordelia do not panic. A Los Angeles, without nerves of steel, it does not make old bones ! The demon quickly overpowered and eliminated, the two detectives would like to know more about this case. They are not on, because the creature, dying, is… disintegrated. Faced with Angel, man they saved closes like a clam. Abused by double vampire, he refuses to trust the original ! Having long lost its soul, Angel hates being pretends to steal his body and identity. So, the usurper had better hold !

T20 – Sancturary

Written by : Jeff Mariotte
Release Date : 1 April 2003

Angel and his band take advantage of one of their rare moments of relaxation at Caritas Karaoke bar, when a loud explosion rang out, cutting short all conversations. On the other side of the street, a building is on fire. But the fire is nothing more than a diversionary strategy, to divert the attention of customers in a more direct aggression ! Indeed, when the smoke clears, Fred a disparu. For Angel, Cordy and other, obviously : their friend was kidnapped. Fortunately, many devils have been witnesses of the scene. The problem, is that their versions of events differ as one can wonder if they attended the same events. One thing is certain for Angel and his friends : demons are not the most reliable of sources…

T21 – Seven Crows

Written by : John Vornholt
Release Date : 7 July 2003

In the Sonoran Desert, on the border between Arizona and Mexico, illegal immigrants are found dead, shredded, apparently by wild beasts. Local authorities seem eager to dismiss the case. But smelling something fishy, special agents and Samantha Riley Finn involve Buffy and Angel. When the seductive vampire chooses to teammate Sam as a undercover mission, Buffy and Riley begin to wonder if the cure is not worse than the disease…

T22 – Endangered Species

Written by : Nancy Holder, Jeff Mariotte
Release Date : 1 August 2003

Cordelia Chase is used to being shaken by horrible visions courtesy of Powers Who are, but that does not mean it is impervious to them. She is particularly concerned about the image of a vision of someone she knows. C’est Faith – whose recent incarceration, it seems, is the least of his problems. Angel is soon heading to the prison to ensure the warrior-rebel Faith, who admits he noticed a few different quirks – supernatural, rather than criminal – that arises night. She can not really investigate thoroughly, for fear of revealing, his status to his cellmates Slayer. The picture becomes clearer when Chaz Escobar, a single fighter, arrives at Angel Investigations. He explains that he is looking for his wife, Marianna, and the vampire. He had been working on a cure for his vampirism on a small remote island – But she escaped. Chaz suspects of being the monster harassing Faith. When Faith came out magically jail – right in the nets of Marianna – The team of Angel and Chaz leave for Fantasy Island. Once there, however, they discover that the secondary objective Chaz is to rid the world of vampires – even those who have a soul. If Angel aligns with Chaz even to the point of sacrificer, His Atonement will be truly complete. But before the two did manage to retrieve the magic chalice needed to destroy vampires, they find themselves in the grip of a suspicious species evolution – orchestrated by true evil creatures: lawyers Wolfram & Hart.


T23 – Cursed

Written by : Mel Odom
Release Date : 11 November 2003

Sulking around the Slayer in Sunnydale, Spike the vampire often encounters demons who intend to punish him for having joined with “White hats). But when there is evidence of a more organized campaign dedicated to defeating the vampire with a bullet in his head, Spike embarks on the trail of the man who put his head in price. Meanwhile, in the City of Angels, the vampire with a soul finds that the search for a mystical object is linked to its days, as the vicious Angelus. Puis Spike – his former partner carnage – arrives in Los Angeles Every nurse a grudge, and with the specter of Buffy in their two (cold, dead) hearts, both vampires must reluctantly work together … until their tortuous past catch up!

Even if it takes forever, he will make amends … .

T24 – Solitary man

Written by : Jeff Mariotte
Release Date : 1 December 2003

The widow Mildred Finster is a lifelong fan of detective novels. She decided at the age of 71 she would like to become a real detective. It finds a map of Angel Investigations and thinks the name sounds very soft. After all, she loves angels. Who could be more perfect? Angel and the gang are deep in their own personal problems, so when Mildred offers services, they do not have much time for it. And when a truckload of antiques from a local mission is stolen, they are not too hard until they think it could be more than just a flight. But the arrival of some ruthless killers from abroad finally attracted the attention of the gang. Now, they are followed at every turn by a well-meaning old lady, repelling attacks poltergeists, and trying to put aside their personal differences to overcome a supernatural enemy before a centuries-old mystery which reaches its final chapter.

T25 – Monster Island

Written by : Christopher Golden, Thomas E. Sniegoski
Release Date : 6 January 2004

A Sunnydale, times are tough for impure ! The blood mélé, half-men, mi démons, subject to a campaign of extermination. Which may be hiding behind this carnage-like ethnic cleansing ?
At the head of the crusade of another time is General Axtius, a bloodthirsty demon and charismatic, who intends to clean the entire country of what he considers a sub-race. Given the magnitude of the task, Buffy and Angel must work together to have a chance to push the General and his troops out of the City of Angels. And especially help her get to the Island Monsters, sanctuary of demons that must be preserved… At the head of an army of bloodthirsty demons, General Axtius is on a crusade to eliminate mixed blood who, According to him, polluent the planet. Buffy and Angel joined the team in Los Angeles to end the genocide. A difficult task because Axtius, powerful and cunning, is also vengeful. He even decided to eliminate Angel he deems responsible for the death of his son…
The people of the Island Monster, For their part,, can not long resist the onslaught of the General and his troops. The Vampire Slayer and manage to protect these creatures both repulsive and endearing ? But especially Buffy and Angel will they fight side by side to save the Island Monsters without waking feelings that are now banned their ?

T26 – Nemesis

Written by : Denise Ciencin, Scott Ciencin
Release Date : 10 February 2004

When an old school friend Fred, the contact for work in a high science center, Fred felt a mixture of fear about connect with our past and the nostalgia of a quiet life, it could have led anchored in his research. But the night they were supposed to meet, his friend is shot, seemingly innocent victim of a crowd gone bad. Fred is inconsolable. While Angel and the others want to help, they were asked to solve a series of murders among a group of wizards. These wizards are the only ones that prevent an apocalyptic violation of walls separating our reality from other-than-mortal more worlds. Fred decides to leave the investigation and take the place of his friend as a researcher in order to discover the truth behind his murder. But when the worlds of science and the supernatural collide, Fred is perhaps the only person who can solve the case and stop the Apocalypse coming.

T27 – Dark Mirror

Written by : Craig Shaw Gardner
Release Date : 25 May 2004

Its more than two centuries on Earth, Angel has seen its share of imitators: good, people astray intrigued by the exotic business of being a PI; not that kind of people lost and drawn by the lure of non-life undead. But so far, he never met a clone – a real double. Entre Angel, the second. And Fred 2.0. Et Wesley Redux …. A constant parade of perfect double arrives at Angel Investigations, but they do not seek help. They want the original human (et vampire) dead. And if Angel, Lorne and their friends can not come together to determine where the clones are coming, a murderer rally that begins in the lobby could spread to the entire city. But how do you defeat someone who knows every thought, all your battle plan, your darkest fears? Angel How can he overcome himself?

T28 – Monolith

Written by : John Passarella
Release Date : 25 May 2004

As any parent, Angel wants to understand his son. But it's hard when their lifestyles differ to keep the right path. Angel is overworked, Connor est gêné par le goût d’Angel pour le sang, and to make things worse Hyconian of demons sent forth into the streets of Los Angeles There is not much time to bond – and there are even less when a gigantic monolith appears out of nowhere , in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard. Nobody knows what to do with the massive rock at two demonic faces etched into its surface. The news channels think this is a complicated way to promote a new film. Religious extremists welcomes it as a sign of impending doom. But one thing is certain: if Angel Investigations is struggling to make sense of the menacing rock and its meaning, Angel et Connor devront travailler ensemble pour survivre.

T29 – Heat

Written by : Nancy Holder
Release Date : 29 June 2004

Buffy and Angel fight any two the same ancient evil, an owner who was once Qin, First Emperor of China, and now trying to open the Year of hot devil and lead humans out of this dimension.

T30 – Book of the dead

Written by : Ashley McConnell
Release Date : 27 July 2004

Wesley is a compulsive reader since childhood, with particular fascination for the unusual and the arcane. It is an addiction as other – he aspires books, love them, can not live without them. Then, when a former colleague comes to town and invites him to a sale by auction of rare secretive occult texts, how could he resist? Unknown Wesley, his colleague vowed to avenge the death of his father – a death that has something to do with the theft of priceless books Watchers Council. And Wesley himself a stroke of luck, then things take a sudden turn for the worse. He bought a box of old books that just happens to contain one of the most famous books of magic never collected. The Red Compendium is known for the way it completely absorbs all those who read it – and Wesley is no exception. Shortly, he realizes that he can not ask the …

T31 – Love and death

Written by : Jeff Mariotte
Release Date : 28 September 2004

A vigilante mob kills demons in Los Angeles – and they distinguish the bad from the good,. Prompted by a radio host outspoken, a crowd of militiamen down Los Angeles with the intention to rid the city of demons, according to them, have invaded. Angel and his companions fight against evil, vigilante killers are more of a hindrance than a help. With the intention to solve a gruesome murder and scary, first, they do not realize that the angry crowd becomes a serious problem – let alone how they are a danger . Then, Lorne est attaqué et presque tué et Connor disparaît. The crowd does not stop to ask what demons are on the side of good and which are not. Or maybe they do not care. Maybe someone with a trace of demonic blood is a good fight for them – and that includes the vampire with a soul …

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