9.09 Divisée, partie 2

9.09 Divided, part 2


Andrew is not always the best choice (see season 6). And now, Buffy finds, she and her lifestyle, deeply affected by either creating silly ... farfetched ... Andrew. Avec Spike an Andrew, the anxious killer will confront itself and a longtime foe, those who hate the most Buffy : Simone, Rebelle the tueuse.

Season 9 – Episode #9
U.S. release: 9 May 2012 / Title : Apart (of Me)
FR Released: 5 December 2012 / Title : Divided
Additional Info
Writer : Andrew Chambliss & Scott Allie
Dessinateur : Cliff Richards
Coloriste : Michelle Madsen
Alternative coverage : Phil Noto


Xander – “Yeah, it sucks. First time I had to kill one of my friends I was sixteen years old. And when I think about that night, I don’t see the face of a vampire. I just see Jesse’s face. But believe me, you don’t want her hurting anymore people.”


The character of Jesse McNally is mentioned for the first time since his death in season 1 in the episode “Welcome to Sunnydale”.


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