9.10 Divisée, partie 3

9.10 Divided, part 3


While Buffy is on a mission out of town with Spike and Andrew, the San Francisco police began to feel the effects of increased Zompires ... With Buffy out of town, someone closer to Alex and Dawn, only members of the Scooby Gang in the vicinity, to provide assistance. Buffy needs to regroup and quickly return to San Francisco, but face the rebel Slayer Simone and her unexpected ally will complicate the task !

Season 9 – Episode #10
U.S. release: 13 June 2012 / Title : Apart (of Me)
FR Released: 5 December 2012 / Title : Divided
Additional Info
Writer : Andrew Chambliss & Scott Allie
Dessinateur : Cliff Richards
Coloriste : Michelle Madsen
Alternative coverage : Phil Noto


Spike – “The bloody hell were you going on about?”
Andrew – “Just writing Scream 5. “


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