9.20 L’Observateur

9.20 The Observer


The disappearance of magic on Earth finally hits Buffy. Full force. While friends and family continue to suffer the consequences, Buffy is powerless ... and Alex are more than enough of it, and Buffy ! He is finally ready to do something to fix it !

Season 9 – Episode #20
U.S. release: 10 April 2013 / Title : The Watcher
FR Released: 6 November 2013 / Title : The Observer
Additional Info
Writer : Andrew Chambliss
Dessinateur : Karl Moline
Coloriste : Michelle Madsen
Alternative coverage : Phil Noto, Georges Jeanty


Xander Harris: “I’ve watched a lot of people die. Tara. Mother. Renee. Giles. But that’s what I do. Watch. And watch. And watch. It builds up in you. Hides in you. Becomes a part of you. You don’t even know it’s there. Until it finally makes you do something besides watch.”


This episode is the last one-shot before the latest arc of the season 9.
Willow returns to the series.


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