9.23 Le Noyau, partie 3

9.23 Le Noyau, part 3


Dawn's life hangs by a thread, Buffy and will do anything to save his little sister. Willow, Xander and Buffy get together to save the girl they like. And they begin a journey that will reveal the treachery among their ranks as they descend into the Charnel Pit, the old "home" Illyria and other powerful demons Veterans.

Season 9 – Episode #23
U.S. release: 10 July 2013 / Title : The Core
FR Released: 28 mai 2014 / Title : Le Noyau
Additional Info
Writer : Andrew Chambliss
Dessinateur : Georges Jeanty
Coloriste : Michelle Madsen
Alternative coverage : Phil Noto


Xander – “You’re part of me. And as long as you’re part of me, I will never stop fighting for you.”


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