9.24 Le Noyau, partie 4

9.24 Le Noyau, part 4


In a last effort to save Dawn, the heroic trio "Buffy, Willow and Xander "must be separate to face their own demons, they are real or imaginary. While Big Bads this season, Severin you Simone, threaten to go back in time, the mystic board joins with Older Koh Illyria and to prevent irreversible temporal tear !

Season 9 – Episode #24
U.S. release: 14 August 2013 / Title : The Core
FR Released: 28 mai 2014 / Title : Le Noyau
Additional Info
Writer : Andrew Chambliss
Dessinateur : Georges Jeanty
Coloriste : Michelle Madsen
Alternative coverage : Phil Noto


Simone – “You can’t win.”
Buffy – “I don’t need to win. I just need to keep you busy while my friends do the winning for me.”


A vampire slayer !


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