Spike: Magical Mystery Tour Featuring the Beetles

Spike: Magical Mystery Tour Featuring the Beetles


Spike led an intergalactic team of insects through time and space to come back to earth!

Long Summary

After the titanic struggle of the episode 39 season 8 of Buffy, we see Spike back into its space vessels with insects and pursue a giant monster that has eluded dimensional portals who aspired all demons.

Once close enough monster, Spike presses a button he thought the Missile Controller. A sort of fireball key part of the ship and the monster. The insect told him he was not missiles but a mechanism to pregnant octopus space. Oddly, it blew the creature in miles pieces. Once defeated, Spike tells them he has to return to Earth, but the insect told him that it will take thousands of hours to return to Earth.

Spike begins to try to get used to life on the ship and in the space since it will take about 2 months to return to Earth. Week after week, Spike starts to feel very lonely and even begins to hear voices and think back to what could feel Drusilla. Spike decides to mix with insect life.

8th day: Spike gave human names to insects.
11th day: He reads books in language and insect an insect tries armor.
18th day: He recites one of his favorite poems to insects and sings lullabies to babies Insect.
26th day: He sets his “bedroom” and monitors the insects when they make “nights”.
33th day: He does weight training to regain his form.
59th day: He scolds insects when there's trouble on the ship. It combines even three insects together until the day the earth is in sight.
62th day: The ship poses in San Francisco. Buffy and Spike finds. She asks him if he stays for good, to which he replies, in blaguant, “Nah, I'm just picked a pizza and shorts”.

Season 9 – Extra : Spike
U.S. release: 5 August 2011 / Title : Magical Mystery Tour: Featuring the Beetles
FR Released: no release planned / Title : Not disclosed
Additional Info
Writer : Jane Espenson
Dessinateur : Georges Jeanty
Publisher: Scott Allie
Coloriste : Michelle Madsen


This issue was published for free “Free Comics Books Day” (FCBD) or otherwise “day free comics”. This story published in that short season 9 is placed between the # 39 and # 40 of the season 8 of Buffy.


Spike: “Your goal is to get me to return to Earth as quickly as possible and leave me there !”


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