Spike : Un Sombre Refuge, partie 5

Spike : A Dark Refuge, part 5


Spike and his new companion devil really get on very well ... The duo turns to find some magic that will allow Morgan to return to his dimension. Spike has stars in her eyes, but the Giant Insects are wary of new friend Spike and too relaxed attitude of their master. Something seems steeple with Spike. Looks like he came out of his depression phase too easily ...

Season 9 – Spike : A Dark Place #5
U.S. release: 19 December 2012 / Title : A Dark Place
FR Released: 3 July 2013 / Title : A dark shelter
Additional Info
Writer : Victor Gischler
Dessinateur : Paul Lee
Coloriste : Cris Peters
Alternative coverage : Jenny Frisian, Steve Morris


Spike – “So I’m smoking my last cigarette, I’ve got no bugs, no ship, and no plan. And most conspiciously, no girl. Fact is, I might even sort of miss those bugs, but I won’t miss tooling around in space like some half-assed astronaut.”


This episode marks the end of Spike adventures. He then went to the Angel series & Faith, in the episode 1.18 Dead and Consequences, 3


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End of the miniseries
Side Angel & Faith : 1.18 Dead and Consequences, 3