Willow : Wonderland, partie 1

Willow : Wonderland, part 1


With the disappearance of magic, Willow Rosenberg a perdue sa raison d’exister. Army fake broken Buffy, after a brief affair with Angel and Faith, Willow is determined to find a solution alone. The world can not live without magic - and it either !

Season 9 – Willow : Wonderland #1
U.S. release: 7 November 2012 / Title : Wonderland
FR Released: no release planned / Title : Wonderland
Additional Info
Writer : Jeff Parker
Dessinateur : Brian Ching
Coloriste : Michelle Madsen
Alternative coverage : David Mack


Willow – “Come any closer and I’ll … keep backing away in an intimidating fashion..!”


This episode marks the beginning of Willow adventures.
Cette mini-série comporte 5 episodes.

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  • Willow: Wonderland (TBD 1)


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Start of the miniseries
Side Angel & Faith : 1.14 Family Reunion, 4