Willow : Wonderland, part 2


In this strange new dimension, many unexpected encounters Willow guide on his quest to bring back the magic in his world. While it is increasingly good at keeping his dark side buried in it, his mysterious companion Marrak, encourages him to abandon it. Willow then suspicious of his intentions, although it depends on his knowledge of this magical kingdom. How far the magic path will she go to get what she wants ? And what will she find ?

Season 9 – Willow : Wonderland #2
U.S. release: 5 December 2012 / Title : Wonderland
FR Released: no release planned / Title : Wonderland
Additional Info
Writer : Jeff Parker
Dessinateur : Brian Ching
Coloriste : Michelle Madsen
Covers : David Mack, Megan Lara


Cette mini-série comporte 5 episodes.

Is in :

  • Willow: Wonderland (TBD 1)


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