Willow : Wonderland, part 4


Willow struggles to keep her composure when she discovers that his traveling companion, Marrack, is not who he claims to be. Now full of magic, it can easily convince him to confess all his secrets, not ? En attendant, they continue their journey to go home with the magic with them.

Season 9 – Willow : Wonderland #4
U.S. release: 6 February 2013 / Title : Wonderland
FR Released: no release planned / Title : Wonderland
Additional Info
Writer : Jeff Parker
Dessinateur : Brian Ching
Coloriste : Michelle Madsen
Covers : David Mack, Megan Lara


Cette mini-série comporte 5 episodes.

Is in :

  • Willow: Wonderland (TBD 1)


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