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This page is a list of novels from the television series Buffy the Vampire cons. These novels are published by Milady, which in September 2012 decided to revive the series by publishing Tomes 4 or 5 stories, whose unprecedented in France.
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Buffy Tome 1

Written by : Diana G. Gallagher, Christopher Golden, Nancy Holder, Richie Tankersley Cusick, John Vornholt
Release Date : 28 September 2012

A frightful demon pumpkin head invoked a rainy Halloween night, a strange carnival infested Coyotes eyes a little too human, a charity auction items to evil ... And if the small town of Sunnydale was full of the most deadly than the other attractions ? The Hellmouth has not said its last word !

Contains stories : The Harvest, The Halloween rain, Moon coyotes, Dirty business.

Buffy Tome 2

Written by : Christopher Golden, Nancy Holder, Kirsten Beyer
Release Date : 07 December 2012

Drusilla removing a child to raise as her own, au grand dam the Spike a Angelus ; Vampires day toughest day, as if they had discovered the secret of eternal return ; and finally Giles Buffy to protect a horde of bloodthirsty while facing the reappearance of his first love ... So many events that will not let a moment of respite from the Slayer and her friends !

Contains stories : Cauchemar à Sunnydale, Immortal, The faults of the father.

Buffy Tome 3

Written by : Christopher Golden, Dori Koogler, Ashley Mcconnell
Release Date : 22 February 2013

This is a particularly devious demon waiting Buffy this time : the infamous vampire king in person. And it may have finally found a way to overcome : send in the future, in the skin of another ... Life in Sunnydale has not finished being dangerous for the Slayer and his strike team ! And the Hellmouth, even banal theatrical representation can turn into a nightmare.

Especially when Willow and Spike discover that some famous Greek tragedies would invoke powerful and deadly gods ...

Contains stories : The Tueuse Perdue (take 1, 2, 3 and 4), Nightmare of a late summer.

Buffy Tome 4

Written by : Robert Joseph Levy, Christopher Golden, Yvonne Navarro
Release Date : 21 June 2013

Celina, bloodsucker, sow discord in Sunnydale and gives a hard time to Scooby Gang ! This is a formidable opponent : as a former Slayer, the profession has no secret to it ... But Buffy is not the end of his sentences : a former colleague, freshly released from prison, proposes to lend a hand him. She is none other than the poisonous, the unforgettable Faith ...

Contains stories : Me, F., 17 years, Vampire Slayer, The peace of the brave, The gates of eternity.

Buffy Tome 5

Written by : Christopher Golden, Thomas E. Sniegoski
Release Date : 30 October 2013

"In every generation, there is a Chosen. Only, it will face the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness. "

In the world of the Slayer, to solve the mysteries follow and are not alike ... Between carnage made against the half-blood, these beings half human, half-demon, and a mysterious gathering of members of all demonic species in Providence, Buffy will have plenty to do ! Fortunately, she can always count on his old friends ...

Buffy, ses alliés et ses ennemis de toujours vous invitent à découvrir des romans inspirés de la série culte de Joss Whedon, including a novel which recounts the following !

Contains stories : The island of monsters (take 40, 41, The Congress of darkness.