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This page is a list of American novels from the television series Buffy the Vampire cons. The novels are located below the American editions.
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T1 – The Harvest

School’s out. Evil's in. (The school ends. Evil begins)
Written by : Richie Tankersley Cusik
Release Date : 1is Septembre 1999

New at Sunnydale High, Buffy hopes to forget traumatic experiences in his old school. In a word, elle in Ras-le-bol December vampires! But if she believes to be done with them, monsters have not finished with it. A Sunnydale, a place full of dark energy, prepares Harvest, terrifying night or Master vampires can be released from his prison and terror in our world. Voluntary or not, Buffy will have to resume service !

T2 – Halloween Rain

He walks, he talks, he kills… (The mache, the parle, on your…)
Written by : Christopher Golden, Nancy Holder
Release Date : 1er Novembre 1999

Sunnydale is definitely a charming place ! A Halloween, when it rains, it is said that scarecrow waterlogged comes alive and killing all who cross his path. Alex et Willow, Buffy's best friend, have long held this story for a bunch of nonsense. After living for some adventures with Buffy, they are no longer so sure of their own making. Especially it begins to rain !

T3 – Night of the Living Rerun

The stage is set for a killer performance. (The stage is set for a performance killer)
Written by : Arthur Byron Cover
Release Date : 1 March 1998

Buffy dreams every night that she launched a killer on the trail of a witch. To make things worse, lately, Alex Giles and behave as if they really had alter egos in the past. Master vampires, once trapped in another dimension, preparing to return. To avoid the destruction of Sunnydale, Buffy has a solution : prevent the vampire to rewrite history…

T4 – The Angel Chronicles 1

Three stories of desire, revenge, temptation and love. (Three stories of desire, vengeance, temptation and love.)
Written by : Nancy Holder
Release Date : 1 July 1998

Buffy Summers, schoolgirl by day and vampire slayer night. Angel, Bloodthirster repented guilt-ridden. Brief, two people made for each other ! Besides some additional obstacles… If not showing its age, Angel has one hundred to twenty-five years older than Buffy. And his past is a long succession of atrocities. Logically, lovebirds are advised never to meet again ! But the heart of the unreasonableness…

T5 – Blooded

Buffy’s new enemy is close to her heart… (The new enemy of Buffy is close to his heart…)
Written by : Christopher Golden, Nancy Holder
Release Date : 1 August 1998

Between a math test and an educational tour of the Museum of Sunnydale, who chooses the equations ? Surely not Buffy and her friends. Better to open his eyes to a traveling art exhibition Japanese ! Curious about everything, Willow reaches for a sword and cuts. Therefore, it is not itself, gradually becoming a bloodthirsty monster! Buffy investigation… … And discovers that the soul of a Chinese vampire was imprisoned in the sword.

T6 – Child of the Hunt

Only his soul was human. (Only his soul was human.)
Written by : Christopher Golden, Nancy Holder
Release Date : 1 October 1998

A troupe of traveling actors brings the Middle Ages to Sunnydale. Finally a little animation in this boring town to die ! And even a lot of animation, the expensive Tumblers – not really Catholic – are pursued by a horde of bloodthirsty monsters. Discovering that pious, cross and garlic leaves marble creatures, Buffy cold sweats. To avoid bloodshed, he is left with only one solution : forget the usual accessories and improvise !

T7 – Coyote Moon

Humans by day, evil by night… (Humans day, demonic night…)
Written by : John Vornholt
Release Date : 5 October 1998

Buffy, Xander and Willow would love to enjoy the carnival of Sunnydale. But the Slayer soon feel that something is wrong. Lately, hordes of aggressive coyotes roam the city at sunset. Selon Buffy, the phenomenon has to do with the arrival of the fairground…

T8 – Return to Chaos

Under the cover of darkness…(Under the cover of darkness…)
Written by : Craig Shaw Gardner
Release Date : 1 November 1998

Sunydale, place of meeting place of vampires, witches and demons, had hitherto never interested sects ! Everything changes when the Druids (eh oui !) Buffy offer help to overcome evil. First delighted, the Slayer quickly become disillusioned. After the victory, its allies want to establish the New Dawn, a boring and sanctimonious speech that the world Principal Snyder. Surrounded by bloodthirsty and fanatical, Buffy feels like a condemned forced to choose between the electric chair and hanging…

T9 – The Angel Chronicles 2

Three stories of choices, changes, and love. (Three stories of choice, changes and love.)
Written by : Richie Tankersley
Release Date : 1 December 1998

Between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, the love story continues, increasingly mad and passionate… Even if they do not grow old together and will never have children, be that separate is not of this world. Really ? It is believed that Buffy until Kendra, a second Slayer "activated" by mistake, arrives in Sunnydale. The Chosen is not focused on the feelings. And Angel is at the top of its list of Bloodthirsters eliminate emergency !

T10 – The Gatekeeper trilogy : 1 – Out of the Madhouse

Evil is eternal…(Evil is eternal…)
Written by : Christopher Golden, Nancy Holder
Release Date : 1 January 1999

Sunnydale is under siege by the forces of evil, which vampires are only the vanguard. Today, Giles est alors hospitalisé, Buffy must face a new threat : a portal that will allow cohorts of monsters into our world. La Tueuse, Angel and friends must locate this passage and close. For this, they will have to leave Sunnydale and go to Boston, or saw the mysterious Guardian, that reached so far to contain the creatures of darkness. Hitherto…

T11 – The Xander Years 1

Three stories of danger, duplicity, and desire. ( )
Written by : Keith R. A. DeCandido
Release Date : 1 February 1999

Alex Harris : as a quick-witted a cheesy spaghetti… But deep, be promised a bright future as a prison guard – or seller of hot dogs – not (really) a reason to cum water… Why, better to rely on the love ! Borstembleem, our friend hit a trifecta of hell : a teacher who is actually a praying mantis, a South American beautiful and owned by a mummy… Cordelia ! Guess who is the most dangerous, to see ?

T12 – The Gatekeeper trilogy : 2 – Ghost Roads

Last exit before fear…( )
Written by : Christopher Golden, Nancy Holder
Release Date : 1 March 1999

Buffy, Oz and Angel crisscross Europe. All except holidays ! Traveling interdimensional limbo or time and space beyond the traditional rules, they seek Jacques Regnier, heir Guardian weakening fighting to prevent the invasion of the world by monsters. Alas, Sons of Entropy, a Satanist sect, do not hear things that way. Their plan ? Kill the Guardian, remove Jacques, let the monsters and establish the Kingdom of Evil on Earth.

T13 – Visitors

The Slayer is being stalked… ( )
Written by : Laura Anne Gilman, Josepha Sherman
Release Date : 1 April 1999

During his nightly patrols, Buffy has the feeling of being constantly spied. And the vampire ? A demon ? Not, an entity more… mysterious that seems determined to play cat and mouse with the Slayer. Worried, this warning her Watcher and friends. But the survey, already delicate, turns the puzzle when a commando trainee teachers invaded the library. With these naggers in the legs, Buffy and his group manage to identify and defeat their new enemy ?

T14 – The Gatekeeper trilogy : 3 – Sons of Entropy

The final battle has begun…( )
Written by : Christopher Golden, Nancy Holder
Release Date : 1 May 1999

The time of the final battle against the Sons of Entropy rang. The case looks bad : Guardian is becoming weaker and Buffy, despite his courage and true friends, does not measure up to hordes of demons. And if the successor Guardian – a child of eleven – is finally safe, it seems too young to assume its responsibilities. Giles protected begs her not to give up. It is wrong to make : this is not the kind of Slayer !

T15 – Unnatural Selection

An environmental evil haunts Willow… ( )
Written by : Mel Odom
Release Date : 1 June 1999

To make a little pocket money, Willow forced to sacrifice rite student : le baby-sitting. But Sunnydale, nothing can happen normally. Before the horrified eyes of the girl, the little angel she keeps metamorphoses… in a creature that is quick to attack. Managed to escape, Willow called to the rescue Buffy, which quickly made the link between the misfortunes of her friend and artifact discovered by Giles on an archaeological dig.

T16 – The Angel Chronicles 3

He’s no angel.( )
Written by : Nancy Holder
Release Date : 1 August 1999

Buffy an Angel… The Slayer and the vampire… The Elect and the Damned… An impossible love, touching, idyllic, charming… For rotation to disaster ! Because this is so : day or Angel know happiness, he will lose his soul again and again become Angelus, the Bloodthirster that once terrified Europe. Spike a Drusilla, the star-crossed lovers, only waiting for it. Le trio infernal Réforme, destroy the world will be a breeze. A gift really poisoned the seventeenth anniversary of Buffy !

T17 – Obsidian Fate

A dark force shows the Slayer her destiny… ( )
Written by : Diana G. Gallagher
Release Date : 1 September 1999

Near Sunnydale, Archaeologists have unearthed the remains of an old Spanish expedition. But an obsidian mirror gold frame was stolen on the site. Giles investigates and discovers that it is an artifact or crouches Tezcatlipoca, Aztec god of Darkness. A glance is enough for a fatal falls under the sway of the god. And if Tezcatlipoca recruit enough followers, eternal night rule the world. Poor Buffy, sentenced to confront vampires twenty-four hours of twenty-four !

T18 – Power of Persuasion

Sunnydale’s hit with a girl-power trip…( )
Written by : Elizabeth Massie
Release Date : 1 October 1999

A sudden outbreak of feminism in Sunnydale ? Nothing to worry about Buffy, even if it is not the type to protest in the streets. But things go wrong when all men were suddenly reduced to the status of puppets… then begin to drop like flies ! La guerre December sexes, d'accord, le massacre, not ! Buffy investigating the mysterious entity that has bewitched the people of the city. Without the help of Giles – also transformed into lapdog – The case promises to be difficult… and perilous.

T19 – Sins of the Father

The past revisits both the Slayer and her Watcher… ( )
Written by : Christopher Golden
Release Date : 1 November 1999

Struggling against a pack of vampires, Buffy and her friends are rescued by an unexpected ally : Spike, the first love of Slayer in Los Angeles, just before it becomes the Chosen. A cruel dilemma for Buffy : his past with Spike, or… non-future with Angel ? But she did not have time to apesantir on his moods, because vampires are unleashed, Giles taking target. Is there an old friends and new enemies Buffy ENTERED report ? Possible… And it is terribly distressing to discover that Observer can also be… observed.

T20 – Willow Files 1

Three stories of love, friendship, and animal attraction.( )
Written by : Yvonne Navarro
Release Date : 1 December 1999

Before Buffy Summers arrives with a bang at Sunnydale High, Willow Rosenberg had a solid reputation… Nerdy ! The eyes of mindless groupies Queen Cordelia, she even went to the archetypal spotty and badly undermined boring as pluie.Devenue specialist in hacking into the group of warriors of the shadow of the Slayer, Willow chrysalis is gradually transformed into a butterfly ! At the point of fall in love with a prisoner of Internet daemon, and a charming young man… werewolf at times ? Absolutely ! A radical change that concerned about Buffy…

T21 – Resurrecting Ravana

A dark evil is rising… ( )
Written by : Ray Garton
Release Date : 1 January 2000

Nothing goes between Buffy and Willow, fighting cold and even come to blows. Is it because of Promila Daruwalla, the new guidance counselor, with that Willow has befriended ? Generally, the students do sympathize much with the administrative staff, but it can not explain the end of a long complicity. Sauf si Mlle Daruwalla, Hindu origin and collector of religious statues – including that of the killer god Ravana ? is not a harmless official. Et à Sunnydale, it is not unusual for a wolf is released into the fold…

T22 – Deep Water

Can Willow’s new friend be trusted ? ( )
Written by : Laura Anne Gilman, Josepha Sherman
Release Date : 1 February 2000

Willow engaged in the cleaning of the coast, polluted by a spill. Due to Sunnydale, this is not a seagull she discovers, but… a selkie shapeshifter unable to return to its natural element as they will not clean his coat sealskin. Willow takes the creature under his wing, back in the city and asked for help to Giles. Despite the reluctance of Buffy, who hates everything that has to do with water from his "drowning", Friends rally. But good deeds are sometimes poorly rewarded…

T23 – Prime Evil

Infinity awaits an ancient evil ( )
Written by : Diana G. Gallagher
Release Date : 1 March 2000

The young attractive history teacher Crystal Gordon takes Buffy back from the flu. His favorites are his, and revenge, much attached. When Buffy discovers a burn on the neck of both of them, Giles recognizes the mark of a powerful witch primitive. It then turns out that Crystal has gathered a group of students for a ritual that will allow them to take control of all the magic and enslave humanity. To save the world, Buffy must find the reason Willow, bewitched by Crystal.

T24 – The Xander Years 2

Three stories of transitions, transformations and transcendance. ( )
Written by : Jeff Mariotte
Release Date : 1 April 2000

Alex Harris pass for fun band to Buffy, just good to buy donuts, to die of love for the Slayer and drop occasionally dubious joke. But a lion's heart beating in his chest. In turn owned by a hyena, enlisted in a swim team or athletes of doping products and "adopted" by a bunch of zombies on a spree stuffs, it will come out with flying colors every time and prove to his friends that he does not deserve the nickname "Zero Pointed". A striking contrast to a boy who everyone predicted a bright future in trading… des hot-dogs !

T25 – Here Be Monsters

Family ties that bind… ( )
Written by : Cameron Dockey
Release Date : 1 June 2000

Who are these twins BCBG and tacky, newly arrived in Sunnydale, and dedicate an attachment against their mother nature ? Buffy will soon realize that everything in them is "against nature" : they are vampires ! And when the duo pulverized the Slayer, she discovers what it takes to deal with a reputable family for its ability to conjure powerful occult forces. He has to fight his own demons to save her own family, because Mom Vampire has plans for Joyce…

T26 – The Evil That Men Do

An ancient betrayal threatens the Slayer… ( )
Written by : Nancy Holder
Release Date : 1 July 2000

A bloody shootout leaves Sunnydale in shock. Disbelief gave way to anger, and the inhabitants of the town are becoming more violent. Premonitory dreams are made Buffy naturally to suspect the Dark. The band Slayer then undertakes research. Until Oz disappears and Willow in Buffy to take. It will continue its investigation and found its way on a powerful vampire who brutally exterminated all the Slayers she met…

T27 – How I Survived My Summer Vacation

What really happened the summer after sophomore year ? ( )
Written by : Nancy Holder, Yvonne Navarro, Michelle West, Cameron Dokey, Paul Ruditis
Release Date : 1 August 2000

A collection of short stories that takes place during the summer between Season 1 the season 2.

When the second year ended with the defeat of Buffy – just a few seconds – face Master, she went off to spend the summer with his father in Los Angeles. The theme of this holiday was resting, holidays, and an occasional shopping spree. But things working the night do not take holidays. So, Buffy tries desperately to keep an eye on things in Los Angeles – and keep his identity secret from his father.

Meanwhile, back to Sunnydale, difficulty keeps popping. Giles wants Willow and Xander have been a "normal", as he and Jenny Calendar, whose budding romance takes place in full bloom, trying to repel the forces of darkness without Slayers and Scooby Gang. An Angel, struggling with the death of Buffy, must decide: Want to be a permanent member of the Scooby Gang?

Concerts. Picnic. The resurrection of an ancient monster or two. Just a typical fun in the sun.

T28 – Paleo

Evil is never extinct… ( )
Written by : Yvonne Navarro
Release Date : 29 August 2000

Kevin Sanderson, a new student, befriended with paleontologist Daniel Addison, he shares a passion for dinosaurs. Buffy sees nothing alarming in it, until or giant lizards begin to walk in the city. Kevin and Daniel would they re-shot Jurassic Park ? The Slayer would put his friends on the case, but they have not head it. An impresario predicted to Oz and his friends musicians careers of international stars. Icing on the cake, Xander and Willow could join in the fun. Great ! If the big evil monsters do not eat before…

T29 – Ghoul Trouble

Evil walks by day… ( )
Written by : John Passarella
Release Date : 1 October 2000

A new vampire stalks the streets of Sunnydale ! Information that does not move much Buffy, because it happens all the time. But this one is walking in broad daylight, he did not need an invitation to enter in people and he wants to challenge the Slayer in duel… History complicate things, Xander and Oz, fell under the group of rockers that occurs Bronze, are completely out of touch. And Willow was kidnapped by monsters who eat human at all meals. Deprived of his friends, Buffy must also come to the rescue of his mother, threatened by bloodthirsty amateur sunbathing. Fortunately, good old Giles is faithful to the post !

T30 – Doomsday Deck

Who’s dealing out trouble ? ( )
Written by : Diana G. Gallagher
Release Date : 28 November 2000

The Scooby Gang is preparing to “Sidewalks of art” Sunnydale and the “Craft Festival”. He sees the arrival of Justine, who specializes in painting and tarot Buffy has a tenacious suspicion that Justine could not be what it seems. Then, a couple a, members of the Scooby Gang start to give up their free will to an invisible force.

T31 – Returning

A foreign evil has a new adress… ( )
Written by : Mel Odom
Release Date : 1 January 2001

When a Chinese gang hits Sunnydale, racial tensions in the community are triggered. Buffy saw the wicked shake Willy the snitch, naturally senses Slayers are up. Mais pour Willow, situation poses a personal threat. His new girlfriend Jia Li felt the backlash of this cross-cultural hostility – and it tears her family through and through. Jia remains true to its ancient cultural heritage, but his brother, in Cole, is ready to swing the old Chinese customs for the modern American way of life. And it is ready to use the occult for the sole purpose. All at once, beautiful warriors’ martial arts arrive on the scene. It is impossible to say where their allegiance, More Alex – whose songs are more complicated than usual – is struck, Giles is on a complete search, and above all, Buffy wonders who is behind the gang war. Is it a mix of supernatural evil ?

T32 – The Willow Files 2

Three stories of magic, mayhem, and maturity ( )
Written by : Yvonne Navarro
Release Date : 30 January 2001

Encouraged by the discovery of his talents as a magician, Willow Rosenberg has finally decided to fly on its own. To the chagrin of his mother, founder of a group of witch hunters, and Mayor Wilkins, annoyed a teenager dares to put a spoke in the wheels. These worries become secondary when a vampire escaped from a parallel universe tumbling to Sunnydale to make it a carnage. A monster more on a long list ? A one detail : it is the evil twin of Willow, she hoped never to see…

T33 – Tempted Champions

The line between good and evil is thinner than Buffy thinks… ( )
Written by : Yvonne Navarro
Release Date : 26 Févier 2001

A new blood drinker Sunnydale, Celina, Buffy decided to add to his list of conquests. It begins by attacking Anya, which draws narrowly – a look demande, suddenly, if its former condition invincible and immortal demon had no benefits. A topical issue since D'Hoffryn, his former “boss” offers to resume service. Discovering that Celina is turned into a vampire slayer, Buffy also questioned. If it followed the same path as his colleague – but with the magic of Willow to make his soul – Angel and she could be happy together until the end of time…

T34 – The Faith Trials

Five by five and livin’ large… ( )
Written by : James Laurence
Release Date : 3 April 2001

“The life of a Slayer is simple. Tu you…Wanna…You take.” A group of novelizations of three key episodes of Faith, bad Slayer. Sometimes, there should be an obstacle to be Elected. There are times when a girl would rather be at the mall, talking on the phone, or even doing homework rather than save the world from evil unstoppable. Fortunately, Buffy Summers has always had a support system of friends, family and an observer to the father figure to help cope. But climbing on it if it was not all that? It could be like Faith. Faith, la Tueuse “shadow of itself”, is strong, sexy and voluntary. When she first arrives in Sunnydale, without Observer and free of all fantasies, Buffy doubts about his sister patrol. Time passes, however, she learns to find pleasure in hunting synchronized, and appreciate the vision of Faith for Life … until the impulsive approach to the Faith takes a step too far … and its inability to cope with the consequences that finally pushes the edge of evil.

T35 – The Unseen: 1 – The Burning

Written by : Nancy Holder, Jeff Mariotte
Release Date : 1 May 2001

Salma Christmas, une ami de Lycée de Buffy, turns to the Slayer for help. His family are recent immigrants to America, and now she is afraid that her brother, in an attempt to gain social acceptance, fell into gang warfare. Not just any gang war: this battle a supernatural dimension. To make matters worse, an unknown creature collides the streets of Sunnydale – Buffy is a creature whose course it has its roots in the streets of LA not far from Angel . Meanwhile, in the City of Angels, Cordelia falls on a cult of runaway children who love the Vampire Slayer and Angel investigate an invisible presence that wreaked havoc in local prisons. While Buffy and Angel together their respective information and discoveries, it soon becomes clear that there must be a link …

T36 – The Unseen: 2 -Door To Alternity

Written by : Nancy Holder, Jeff Mariotte
Release Date : 26 June 2001

À Los Angeles, the former pair compared notes and realize that both have dealt with cases of missing teens, most are children of rich and powerful relatives. Coincidence? Or is there something more sinister in preparation?

T37 – The Lost Slayer: 1 – Prophecies

Buffy worst ennemy is closer that she thinks… ( )
Written by : Christopher Golden
Release Date : 31 July 2001

In his first year at university, Buffy took great resolutions. Henceforth, it intends to reconcile his life as a young woman and her normal duties Slayer. But it is not so simple, especially as his relationship with Willow – that fits it better to their new life – are increasingly strained. And the arrival in town of a horde of vampires very organized does not help. In this contest already dramatic, a strange entity is a sinister prophecy : Buffy is about making a mistake that will have tragic consequences for the future of Sunnydale… and his !

T38 – The Lost Slayer: 2 – Dark Times

Buffy’s most frightening nightmares have become reality… ( )
Written by : Christopher Golden
Release Date : 28 August 2001

Projected five years into the future, Buffy regains consciousness in a body that seems foreign and realizes she is a prisoner of his own worst enemies. To avoid the activation of a new Slayer – automatic if she died – vampires have sequestered in a tiny cell, completely cutting the World. A very brilliant idea for bloodsuckers, usually less mentally alert. Buffy would expensive to discover and destroy the Master of undead that has demonstrated so many intelligence. But first, she must escape. Or killing themselves for a new Chosen can fight in his place ?

T39 – The Unseen: 3 – Long Way Home

Written by : Nancy Holder, Jeff Mariotte
Release Date : 28 August 2001

Buffy and Angel are stuck in an alternate reality that is under the domination of dragons and monsters. In the home where chaos is commonplace, Buffy and Angel must find a way before it is too late.

T40 – The Lost Slayer: 3 – King of the Dead

Buffy face an adversary who was once her most trusted mentor… ( )
Written by : Christopher Golden
Release Date : 1 October 2001

Still trapped in a nightmare future, Buffy contact the special force sent by the Watchers Council to fight the vampires that control Sunnydale. These bloodsuckers, learn it well, show an unusual discipline and efficiency because their leader is even more cruel and intelligent than the Master, a monster that fought and killed the year of his arrival in Sunnydale. But the worst is yet to come, because his old friend Willow has not yet revealed to him the whole truth : the vampire king, before metamorphosis, called Rupert Giles !

T41 – The Lost Slayer: 4 – Original Sins

Can Buffy defeat a foe who not only knows her techniques… but helped her develop them ? ( )
Written by : Christopher Golden
Release Date : 1 November 2001

Convinced that the vampire king household Buffy because he hopes to one day win his cause, Spike goes berserk when the guilty indulgence of the monster once named Rupert Giles causes the death of Drusilla. After a violent altercation with the king, he gets out alive by miracle, Spike Decide the look Venger. He contacted the Slayer and tells him all about the plans of his former Watcher. Buffy and her allies had no idea that the danger was too great. If they do not act quickly, Hell will reign on Earth and in Heaven !

T42 – Oz : Into the Wild

Oz must find the balance between man and monster… ( )
Written by : Christopher Golden
Release Date : 1 January 2002

Upset at having to kill Veruca, struck by the same curse that he, Oz understands that it is time to react. Being a werewolf does not really interfere, he was sure to go in a cage every night of full moon. But whenever it is released, il le site, it cost the life of an innocent, shredded by the beast lurking in him. On the advice of Giles, the young man decides to undertake a long journey to Tibet, or he will find help. An initiatory journey that begins with a challenge more prosaic : find a way to embark, as a crew member, on a ship bound for Asia !

T43 – The Book of Fours

To combat a quartet of unnatural disasters, four Slayers must band together: Buffy, Kendra, Faith…and India.( )
Written by : Nancy Holder
Release Date : 29 January 2002

Quand one classe ancien Buffy camarade of Los Angeles is Killed, and Willow is seriously injured in a car accident, in the course of one week, the Slayer still faces vulnerabilities of his mortal friends. At the same time, in a place of nightmares – shared Buffy and Faith – a terrible evil envahit Sunnydale, triggering a quartet of disasters. Earth, air, fire and water – each represented in dreams by a primitive figure wearing a decorated box skin and bone. Faith believes recognize box. Research leads to Giles Observer Newspapers, where he learns that the last Slayer to have met a similar box was named India Cohen … immediate predecessor Buffy. Buffy, which has strangely never considered the Slayer whose death enabled his own destiny, is eager to contact the Observer India, Kit Bothwell. Kit, turn, is excited to be working with two simultaneous Slayers. Over the years, he honed his skills witchcraft, and he thinks he can bring Buffy communication with India, inter alia. And that's how it begins a journey through the history forcing Buffy to move along a continuum against the evil that precedes even humanity itself …

T44 – The journals of Rupert Giles 1

Three stories of big bad birthdays. ( )
Written by : Nancy Holder
Release Date : 1 February 2002

À Sunnydale, time has passed and the children grew. Rupert Giles, former Buffy Observer, the feeling of being useless since its frequent Slayer university and console starting Angel in the arms of Riley. Another life for Elected… and a small death for his mentor ! Depressed, Giles decides to sacrifice himself to protect Buffy a terrible threat. But the devil he wants them to sign a blood pact, very suspicious, refuses to engage lightly. On the threshold of hell, Giles will shatter his memories to prove the monster's pitiful existence is well worth the salvation of the Slayer…

T45 – Sweet Sixteen

Buffy’s not the only one chosen for a magical purpose…( )
Written by : Scott Ciencin
Release Date : 2 April 2002

Buffy cares for her younger sister, which is struggling to adapt to his new life among humans. First delighted to learn that Dawn has recently called a friend Arianna, the Slayer disillusioned when she meets. A few nights ago, patrol, she saw this sweet girl flank a correction to a monster. With superhuman strength and healing power accelerated, Arianna has all the characteristics… an Elected ! A threat to the future "professional" Buffy ? Or the dark machinations of an imaginative demon ?

T46 – Crossings

A video game has a deadly outcome… ( )
Written by : Mel Odom
Release Date : 1 June 2002

Since the death of his mother, Buffy is overwhelmed with responsibilities. From one day to another, she went from being a young adult than surrogate parent. And its relationship with Dawn, her little sister, There is nothing obvious when it comes to reprimand or prohibit. Especially when they have, night after night, oppose the hordes of vampires ! Thereby, less focused on its mission, the Slayer does not realize that the winds of madness blows on community addicts video games Sunnydale. Until Robby, a lovely boy far, storm in a cinema and threatens to kill everyone, y compris Alex et Anya !

T47 – Wisdom of War

What happens when the white hats practice black magick ? ( )
Written by : Christopher Golden
Release Date : 1 July 2002

For once, the danger, à Sunnydale, not just the Hellmouth, but the ocean. Mysterious sea monsters attacking swimmers, fishing boats… and even harmless seals. A strange thing that changes a little trouble with his Buffy the bloodsuckers. Was the arrival of members of the Watcher's Council decided to undertake operations. Story a little more excited Slayer, they have a small ” surprise ” for it. The comeback of Faith, temporarily pulled from prison ! A sacred snake to swallow for Buffy… Especially when she finds that his renegade colleague always bad character !

T48 – Little Things

Evil things come in tiny packages ! ( )
Written by : Rebecca Moesta
Release Date : 1 August 2002

Since the death of his mother, Buffy Summers has struggled to keep your chin up. All at once, she finds herself alone and load size to take care of Dawn , and is responsible, together, save the world … eh bien, is the pressure. And, recently, the Slayer feels mired by the little things. Buffy has a toothache, but no dental insurance … as if its financial problems were not overwhelming enough. And Anya and Xander are held hostage in their own home by an invasion of ants. Everyone is determined not to let sweat the small stuff – until Spike discovers the damage a company of evil, who sows evil in Weatherly Park. Mini-monsters are perfectly capable of mega-problems, and in order to stop, the Slayer will have to think … small!

T49 – These Our Actors

Written by : Dori Kogler, Ashley McConnell
Release Date : 7 October 2002

The last two years have seen the power of Wiccan Willow grow at an impressive level – and potentially dangerous. But even the most confident of witches has its deepest secret fears , and Willow is still afraid to go on stage before an audience. In his nearly fatal dream sequence in the season five episode crucial 'Nightmares', It is this fear that has allowed the First Tusues entering his conscience in order to destroy as she slept. Then, when Willow decides to join the group Theatre Varsity Sunnydale to control his fear, this is a big step for her. But forget his lines of text or on stage investments, will soon prove to be the least of his worries, the drama is being enacted on the mouth of hell is certainly not play. Spike as his unlikely ally, Willow can it take a leading role or will she die – for real?

T50 – The Cordelia Collection

Three stories of fashion, flirting…and fear ! ( )
Written by : Nancy Krulik
Release Date : 1 December 2002

“Being popular is not just my right, more ma responsabilité, and I want you to know that I take my role very seriously.” – Cordelia Chase

Fashionista and leader of the pack, Cordelia Chase is known in the Sunnydale High School for its irresistible blend of tactless maxims as much as it is renowned for its beauty. Most students – and even members of his anti-fan club – want it or want it to be. Popularity proves a tough cross to bear, however: first, Cordy is stalked by an invisible, fueled by jealousy, and later, it is considered an ideal companion for football star Sunnydale-problem, is that it is now deceased. But his most dangerous challenge, this is the race for the crown of prom queen Homecoming. Forget the dance – Queen C will have the chance to escape his life!

T51 – Blood and Fog

Buffy and Spike are on the trail of Jack the Ripper !
Written by : Nancy Holder
Release Date : 1 May 2003

A strange fog invaded Sunnydale, causing it to lose the head to its inhabitants. And Spike knows the responsible. Angelus, Darla, Drusilla and he had faced in Victorian England, time or the mysterious demon butchered prostitutes in London. They even had to ally with the Slayer of the time to prevent that which is nicknamed Jacques the Ripper killing their little family. Today, Jack is back. Buffy would put an end to her relationship with Spike against Nature, but it will need help from the vampire to prevent Jack trigger a final battle between two great races faeries of Celtic mythology. A battle that could sign the extinction of the human race.

T52 – Chosen

Written by : Nancy Holder
Release Date : 1 June 2003

The end is near. This was decided by the One, original evil that almost push Angel to commit suicide once. His plan is simple : he wants to eliminate all the Potential Slayers so that Buffy's death, there is no one left to take over. So, the frightened girls fled to Sunnydale with their eldest, so that it protects and leads for the upcoming battle. As Spike went crazy after getting his soul, Alex is always a magnet for female demons, that the powers of Willow continue to play tricks on him and the Sunnydale High School just reopened its doors under the direction of a new principal too lovely to be honest, Buffy will still have much to do…

The board : Sunnydale.
White : Buffy and its colony of Potential.
Black : One and his army of Ubervampires.
The challenge : the survival of humanity.

New players are entering the game On the side of the forces of good, the return of Faith, then Angel, threatens to sow dissension in the ranks. And the camp of evil, a mysterious preacher causes Buffy, claiming to hold something that belongs to him. He tries to lure him into a trap, or does it actually protects an object may change the course of the coming battle ?

T53 – Seven Crows

Buffy and Angel and…Riley ? ( )
Written by : John Vornholt
Release Date : 7 July 2003

In the Sonoran Desert, on the border between Arizona and Mexico, illegal immigrants are found dead, shredded, apparently by wild beasts. Local authorities seem eager to dismiss the case. But smelling something fishy, special agents and Samantha Riley Finn involve Buffy and Angel. When the seductive vampire chooses to teammate Sam as a undercover mission, Buffy and Riley begin to wonder if the cure is not worse than the disease…

T54 – Chaos Bleeds

Ethan Rayne is back in town… and he’s brought The First! ( )
Written by : James Moore
Release Date : 4 August 2003

The life of a Slayer is not easy, especially when she saw the Hellmouth. Over the years, Buffy Summers became powerful opponents. And those that did not removed do not always have enough brains to keep a low profile. Take Ethan Rayne, for example. A force to worship the lords of chaos, he drew the attention of the Unique, an even older primitive evil that humanity. This gave him the ultimate power. To get, Ethan must lead Buffy and her friends in an interdimensional battle forcing them to face their worst nightmares. But the Slayer is a strong head ; she does not like to make the decisions for her, and she has a knack for changing the rules during the game… According to the scenario of the video game "against Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

T55 – Mortal Fear

A new Big Bad has turned the Slayer against her friends and…sister ( )
Written by : Scott Ciencin, Denise Ciencin
Release Date : 1 September 2003

An anonymous tipster sends Buffy Summers fight demons around Sunnydale. Far from a simple act of kindness of heart, he demands in exchange she pick up the pieces of a mystical sword to restore and bring him. Ordinarily, the Slayer hate taking orders. But Giles is gone ; his relationships with his friends and his sister are tighter than ever, and she said it would perhaps not unpleasant to be guided, for once… The problem is to know what purpose actually continues the mysterious Jack.

Jack a dit : ” Reconstructs the mystical sword and bring it to me “. And even if it is suspected of wanting to misuse Buffy Summers has no choice but to obey him. His whole world is upside down. Driven by his new friends, Dawn openly defies the. Xander and Willow finally seem to have found their way and also rebel against the authority of the Slayer. The fear that, far, the paralyzed and prevented ; to realize their potential, s has vanished as if by magic. But is that necessarily a good thing ?

T56 – Cursed

Angel and Spike…on the same side ? ( )
Written by : Mel Odom
Release Date : 11 November 2003


Sulking around the Slayer in Sunnydale, Spike the vampire often encounters demons who intend to punish him for having joined with “White hats). But when there is evidence of a more organized campaign dedicated to defeating the vampire with a bullet in his head, Spike embarks on the trail of the man who has been in the $ t Prixi.

Meanwhile, in the City of Angels, the vampire with a soul finds that the search for a mystical object is linked to its days, as the vicious Angelus. Puis Spike – his former partner carnage – arrives in Los Angeles Every nurse a grudge, and with the specter of Buffy in their two (cold, dead) hearts, both vampires must reluctantly work together … until their tortuous past catch up!

T57 – Monster Island

On an island sanctuary, a face-off between man and monster… ( )
Written by : Christopher Golden, Thomas E. Sniegoski
Release Date : 6 January 2004

A Sunnydale, times are tough for impure ! The blood mélé, half-men, mi démons, subject to a campaign of extermination. Which may be hiding behind this carnage-like ethnic cleansing ? At the head of the crusade of another time is General Axtius, a bloodthirsty demon and charismatic, who intends to clean the entire country of what he considers a sub-race. Given the magnitude of the task, Buffy and Angel must work together to have a chance to push the General and his troops out of the City of Angels. And especially help her get to the Island Monsters, sanctuary of demons that must be preserved…

At the head of an army of bloodthirsty demons, General Axtius is on a crusade to eliminate mixed blood who, According to him, polluent the planet. Buffy and Angel joined the team in Los Angeles to end the genocide. A difficult task because Axtius, powerful and cunning, is also vengeful. He even decided to eliminate Angel he deems responsible for the death of his son… The people of the Island Monster, For their part,, can not long resist the onslaught of the General and his troops. The Vampire Slayer and manage to protect these creatures both repulsive and endearing ? But especially Buffy and Angel will they fight side by side to save the Island Monsters without waking feelings that are now banned their ?

T58 – Apocalypse Memories

Tag tk.. ( )
Written by : Laura Burns, Melinda Metz
Release Date : 2 March 2004

Back to Sunnydale, Willow is seized with terror. She feels she will soon use his powers and she fears the worst. It's indeed strange that his friends seem to ignore things, as they are busy…Buffy has a new lover, Dawn Buffy et se chamaillent, Alex pushes Willow back the magic… The girl has just seen yet. A wolf came into the fold and causes a series of terrifying incidents : rivers of blood, of lightning storms and the debut of an incredible supernatural creature. It's the Apocalypse ! While the world crumbles around them, the Scooby Gang must take steps. Their last hope ? A secret spell to dangerous side effects. Willow is ready to use its powers ?

T59 – Wicked Willow: 1 -The Darkening

There’s a new power rising in Sunnydale ( )
Written by : Yvonne Navarro
Release Date : 4 May 2004

In the woods outside of Sunnydale, Willow Rosenberg demanded a terrible revenge for the murderer of her lover Tara Maclay: Capture them in Warren, the deadly leader of the trio, and was flayed. His best friends, Buffy Summers et Alex Harris, arrived too late to stop. But the death of Warren is not enough for Willow. Now, his friends can only watch the powerful witch embark on a trail of vengeance and collection of magic to prepare the spell that will bring Tara back to life. And anyone who gets in the way Willow will regret … including a Slayer who still hope to save her best friend.

T60 – Wicked Willow: 2 -Shattered Twilight

A new power has risen in Sunnydale… ( )
Written by : Yvonne Navarro
Release Date : 22 June 2004

Even own band Witches Willow turned against it now. Condemned for saving Buffy their nasty ghost and failing to protect the members of the band, as she had promised, Willow must find a way to get to them – and to strengthen its position of power, which hangs in the balance . But the truth – is that it has struggled against the ghost because the ghost of Tara told him – Willow has a lower status in the eyes of his band. It is high time for magic. Infallible magic. And as Willow turns to the protection elements, Buffy and the rest of the Scooby gang must find a way to fight without losing Willow forever ….

T61 – Heat

Written by : Nancy holder
Release Date : 29 June 2004

Buffy and Angel fight any two the same ancient evil, an owner who was once Qin, First Emperor of China, and now trying to open the Year of hot devil and lead humans out of this dimension.

T62 – Wicked Willow: 3 -Broken Sunrise

Written by : Yvonne Navarro
Release Date : 4 August 2004

Le Fantom of the Tara disparu. Willow first thought it was because of something she had – or worse, that the universe had a new plot to hurt him. But it is almost impossible to keep secrets from a witch, especially one as powerful as Willow and, finally, she learns that Buffy and the gang are the culprits. Willow desperately wants to return Tara. Not only him, she is greatly missed, but the presence of mind is required to run the resurrection spell Willow studied. Although his first impulse is to charge his anger v on the head of his old friends, his band of witch reminds him that, in the past, Willow when allowed to control anger, it failed. Willow needs to develop an alternative plan to recapture the spirit of Tara and make the charm.

Buffy and the Scooby Gang hope to succeed in draining the powers of Willow and Spike and Oz release of their enslavement. But the wrath of Willow is endless, and it seems that nothing will stop her fight to bring Tara, whatever the cost ….

T63 – The Suicide King

Written by : Robert Joseph Levy
Release Date : 8 Févier 2005

While there are a shocking number of suicides student Sunnydale High, Buffy Summers and the Scooby gang begin to suspect that there is something supernatural behind the death and it is a race against time to uncover the truth and defeat an ancient evil known as the Suicide King falls before a new .

T64 – Keep Me in Mind

Written by : Nancy Holder
Release Date : 26 April 2005

The enemy Ethan Rayne returns to Sunnydale and releases a long trapped in a medieval sorcerer Bavaria. And if you work on the real motivation of Ethan while dealing with a caster not very friendly at liberty, it is not enough to keep Buffy homework chemistry, it is also itself a seemingly random parade to settle accounts with his former adversaries.

T65 – Queen of the Slayers

Written by : Nancy Holder
Release Date : 31 May 2005

No vacation. No profits. And retirement: only an early death.

With the closure of the Hellmouth and the awakening of hundreds of potential Slayers, Buffy Summers thought she had reversed the role of Slayer who says ” sacrifice oneself” and thought he got a well deserved break. But the thrill of victory is short-lived. The forces of darkness are those who accept defeat graciously , and collective rage unites disparate and more powerful than ever parties wishing to regain dominance.

The magic of Willow distribution of the essence of the Slayer was filled with the girls around the world discover their latent power. Giles hand in the race to reorganize the now indispensable Watchers Council, Scooby and the gang moves to Europe. And there in Rome, a Buffy attracted the Immortal – a charismatic leader, so impenetrable, a figure alone. But then there are a number of new Slayers are forced to join an army of Slayers – governed by the mysterious "Queen of the Slayers”, an incredible evil determined to claim the intoxicating essence of Slayer for itself.

Alex is sent to Africa to learn about the origin of the essence of the Slayers. Instead of it, he returned to report that, de façon alarming, there are not enough good in the world to fight against the evil glut, and the Apocalypse decide to draw too close. Form alliances and loyalties betrayed as he is against Slayer Slayer, leading to the ultimate battle of champions – past and present Buffy. And then an unimaginable gift arrives …

T66 – Spark and Burn

He’s the other vampire with a soul… ( )
Written by : Diana G. Gallagher
Release Date : 1 August 2005

What is the true measure of a champion?

In the nineteenth century, a young boy named William was born. A doux, nice boy – nobody could have guessed it would cause suffering, pain he would inflict. When, as a young man, he meets a woman named Drusilla – a strange woman, another woman of all those that William has ever known – it is fundamentally changed. She has created. There will never William. It is now Spike.

As Spike, He toured Europe with a band of vampires vagrants. Dru, Darla and Angelus who teach on the new nature, and from them he learns the greatest vampire enemies, the girl who chose to stand up against them, trained to kill, with the strength it takes to overcome : From there the Tueuse.A, Spike decides that he will track down the Slayers. He will see how he can find. Who would have thought then that he would fight alongside the Slayer? Who would have guessed that Spike, autrefois William , would seek his soul for a Slayer? Who would have dreamed that he would fall in love with it?

T67 – Colony

Written by : Melinda Metz, Laura J. Burns
Release Date : 27 September 2005

Because of the high incidence of death and violence, Mayor of Sunnydale invited a woman named Belakane to talk to Sunnydale High. Sound Programme: "Be the best of yourself!” built on self-esteem in adolescents. But Belakane is a demon-queen ant, whose test – further education and skills she discovers – is simply part of his plan to enlist workers to build the colony, and to find partners to help fill. Soon the Sunnydale High is full of children with a single stroke of their character : The Slayer is aggressive, Willow intelligente, Oz serviable … and Belakane only just begun ….

T68 – Night Terrors

Written by : Alice Henderson
Release Date : 22 November 2005

Relegated to the realm of dreams, Night Terror stalks his victims in their sleep. Replacing another soul with his, the devil can take the physical body of someone and wreak havoc. But the effect is short-lived. Human bodies decompose rapidly under the pressure of transfer, Night terror and is forced to return to his imprisonment.

T69 – After Image

Written by : Pierce Askegren
Release Date : 24 January 2006

Sunnydale, California, receives more than its fair share of action and horror. It is therefore understandable that the news of the reopening of the long-closed Sunnydale Drive-In, with a long night planned a film festival action, and classic horror is achieved with indifference or contempt by Buffy, Willow et Cordelia. Seoul Alex, who spent his afternoon with the team working drive-in, is eager to enjoy the fruits of its efforts. Nobody suspicious clothing and headgear date are identified throughout the city, but does not seem to be the usual vampires. And the most disturbing, sleeping sickness begins to sweep the city.

T70 – Carnival of Souls

A timeless evil puts down stakes in Sunnydale… ()
Written by : Nancy Holder
Release Date : 3 April 2006

Something bad has a bad way. There is something disturbing about the Carnival-Traveller, Dr. Caligari. This may be because no one remembers the arrival of his hard-to-miss caravan made of old cars, countless artists, and carts pulled by horses. Maybe that's the scary calliope music that invites visitors tirelessly. Let's face it, an enigma that chooses Sunnydale nearly guarantees that there is always more than a healthy family entertainment.

After a visit to the Hall of Mirrors at the carnival, a pair formerly shy student twin sophomore parade through the halls of Sunnydale High , like models on a runway diva. Sensing the abrupt change in personality twins is much more of a boost of confidence, Buffy – joined by Angel, Giles, and the rest of the Scooby Gang – decides to investigate the suspicious carnival. But soon, it is clear that the entry price is higher than what she imagined. Those who enter the amusement park carnival resortent … changed. Each person in the band shows the extremes of vice. Willow is tormented by jealousy. Cordelia is consumed by greed. Alex unleashes his greed. Angel reveals a new strong character. And a dark anger rises Giles. But Buffy is now full of pride that comes the master, and in the process of destroying those she loves ….

T71 – Go Ask Malice: A Slayer's Diary

Written by : Robert Joseph Levy
Release Date : 27 June 2006

22 January

I had a dream last night. Only, this time, it was different. . . .

Faith has always been a solitary. Growing up in a divided home in South Boston, his only companion was an imaginary friend named Alex, who helped her to escape into a fantasy world of monsters and supernatural, away from the horrors of real life .

Now, taken from her mother by social services and sent to a foster home, Faith learns that some nightmares are real, the inventions of his childhood haunt the night, Avide the song. Among Diana Dormer, Harvard professor and a representative of the Council of Observers who came to tell her destiny Faith, the result, and to prepare for what is coming: Faith is the Chosen. Alone will face the vampires, demons and the forces of darkness.

But it is not only. Quand Alex, his childhood companion, back in his dreams, she warns Faith that someone else will come for her, so deadly and merciless force that inspired fear in the underworld for a thousand generations. His name is Malice.

Such as memory and imagination begin to merge, Two worlds collide in Faith, with catastrophic results. A fierce battle for the soul of the Slayer is staged, the winner takes it all.

Here is his story. . . .

T72 – Blackout

Spike’s in town to slay a Slayer… ()
Written by : Keith R. A. DeCandido
Release Date : 29 August 2006

Darkness is coming …

New York City en 1977 est an Paradis vampirique. The son of Sam, serial killer, is often blamed for their shots, and a power outage throughout the city gives them free rein of the street, allowing them to murder. Spike and Drusilla his beloved in the Big Apple are taking advantage of the situation, while the Vampire Slayer Nikki Wood, is holed up with his son, Robin, in an apartment in Times Square where she thinks they will be safe.

But no matter where she goes, Nikki doit regarder sun dos. Spike has one thing in mind: kill a Slayer. Adding to the list of challenges Spike, a community of corrupt local vampire who uses his presence, and when they start to play with him, things get interesting and bloody.

T73 – Portal Trough Time

Written by : Alice Henderson
Release Date : 24 October 2006

Buffy thought she had finished with the Master when she had crumbled. But Sunnydale things always have a way to return. . . . The Master may be dead, but it is not forgotten. One of the Vampire Lord is faithful to change the past so that he can resurrect Maîtrer without interference from Buffy. When he mentions a portal to transport his minions through time, vampires are ready to kill the most powerful Slayers history! It is the Scooby gang to stop the Master's disciples before they break the line of Slayers. Giles, Alex, Willow and Buffy the Vampire Slayer continues over time through the portal to save the past Slayers. They must follow the bloodsuckers of the French Revolution to the Civil War, undetected – or worse! But you can not change the past without changing this. . .

T74 – Bad Bargain

This bargain’s not worth the price… ()
Written by : Diana G. Gallagher
Release Date : 26 December 2006

Sale fundraiser at Sunnydale High School gets out of control when buyers suddenly begin to be captivated by their purchases. After the school was quarantined in hopes of containing the rampant epidemic, Giles discovers that the objects for sale, which had been stored in the basement of the school, were infested with some sort of demonic vermin who escaped from the Hellmouth, which is located directly below the school . Buffy and the gang must fight – or risk that these strange creatures help things much worse escape the Hellmouth, sowing death and destruction in their wake …

T75 – The deathless

Sometimes it’s better to be outside of the “in” crowd…
Written by : Keith R. A. DeCandido
Release Date : 24 April 2007

The Slayer is trying to understand why an ordinary house Sunnydale scares all fear vampires. When it comes to the library to discuss this new development with Giles, a package he received from a former Russian folklorist reveals what happens: The stars are aligned for an attempt to resurrect Koschei the Immortal, a sorcerer long dead wrong. Thereby, while his classmates are busy choosing rings to demonstrate their minds students, Buffy must figure out how to prevent someone from reviving Koschei and, if it has to resort to Plan B, how to kill again.

A little investigation led to Buffy and the gang necromancer who originally killed the witch, a Russian immortal witch named Yulia Dryanushkina, that can control the vampires (which explains their reluctance to go through his place of residence). When the crew made a visit to Yulia, assuring them she needs the help of Willow, she would be able to kill again if the sorcerer was resurrected.

Neither Buffy, or Willow are particularly comfortable to align with the necromancer, but they have no other choice when, twenty-four hours later, vampires begin to behave strangely. . . and half of the twelfth grade is missing.

T76 – Dark Congress

Written by : Christopher Golden
Release Date : 28 August 2007

Since the beginning of time, demonic races have gathered every century to resolve conflicts between them and determine the course of their future. This centennial event was called the Black Congress. In the second century BC, however, the Black Congress could not resolve their conflicts. Instead of it, the Black Congress ignited into a war that has led the demonic races into different groups that time until now. And it all started after Kandida, the great demon of River North Africa , being almost killed by the forces of Black Congress and magically buried in the river.

But now, Edging est libre, and for the first time in centuries, the Black Congress is called again. All breeds of demons and other varieties of supernatural creatures were called to gather at the Hellmouth in Providence, Rhode Island. Some gather in hopes of resolution, some for war, Kandida and is responsible for negotiating a treaty to guide the Black Congress toward peace, where everyone can simply not agree. And if the demons gather under the banner of truce?

But the demons still harbor many bitter disagreements with each other. The Black Congress must have an arbitrator of conflicts, and that someone is Buffy Summers.

Buffy is horrified and disgusted to be included. After all, it is not a demon … is it? She knows so little about her powers she can not say for sure where they truly spring. How can she spend so much time wallowing in the dark, does not form part? Can accept a truce with all the horrors of the world, and allow them to come Providence without any attempt to stop? And she has the choice?

T77 – One Thing or Your Mother

Mother Does not always know best ()
Written by : Kirsten Beyer
Release Date : 1 January 2008

It's hard to be a teenager Slayer . About to fail his first year – through the main boring Snyder, seems to be even stranger than usual lately – Buffy agrees to meet with a tutor. Not helping his studies, recently, she is exhausted, waking up every morning feeling more tired than the night before. To make things worse, it is to investigate the disappearance of a child … a little girl who happens to have disappeared just hours before a child vampire face surface Sunnydale, accompanied by a man in a wheelchair that fits perfectly the description of Spike.

Pushing fatigue and uncomfortable at the idea of ​​killing a child vampire, Buffy learns that Snyder is the main target of a spell of sleep deprivation that took Sunnydale whole. Putting aside his fear that his teacher is there to look, and hoping that the fate of sleep affects humans and demons, Buffy investigate the strange behavior Snyder. She follows in his childhood home to discover that he arranged for his abusive mother is banned in a hell dimension. Meanwhile, Drusilla, mother figure who plays the child vampire, learns how difficult it is to be a parent. When sleep takes residents of Sunnydale, Buffy begins to realize that if it does not break the spell soon, the nightmare will only start.

Above the Romans series


Strike her down and she will rise again…()
Written by : Christopher Golden, Nancy Holder
Release Date : 1 May 2000

One evening, as Buffy confronts a band of vampires, One of the monsters sacrificed to allow his companions to flee. Surprised by this incongruous heroism, the Slayer forget his moods quickly and impales the creature. The next night, it borders on disaster against an opponent who anticipates his shots as if he had already fought… The next, things become more complicated. Giles and protected worry. The Blood Drinkers, generally as stupid as cruel, would they become strategists ? Or one of them would he discovered the secret of… the eternal return ?

Spike and Dru: Pretty Maids All in a Row

One Slayer dies, Reviews another is called Expired…Unless Spike and Drusilla Have Their Way… ()
Written by : Christopher Golden
Release Date : 1 June 2001

WWII… For the peoples of Europe, livrés à la barbarie nazie, the horror of those dark years will never fade. The eyes of vampires, fond of collective slaughter, the time was instead a golden age. When men are dropping like flies, what grief mind would worry about some more victims ? If Spike had not wanted to give a magic mirror to his beloved, Drusilla and he could peaceably enjoy the windfall. Loaded by a demon with a mission a priori fun – eliminate all potential Slayers in exchange for the coveted artifact – two bloodsuckers have fun first like crazy. But they soon realize that there was a trap ! And Spike is not the kind of undead that pigeon without risking a return of sacred… crocs !

Tales of the Slayer 1

Written by : Yvonne Navarro, Nancy Holder, Christie Golden, Mel Odom, Doranna Durgin, Greg Rucka
Release Date : 2 October 2001

A collection of stories of battles past and present Slayers. "In every generation, a Slayer is born. A girl in the world, to find the vampires where they gather and to stop the spread of their evil …” In our time, Buffy Summers is the Chosen. But Buffy is a Slayer in an eternal continuum of warriors for the Powers. Others are known: The First Slayer, who stalked the land forces of darkness in solitude jealously guarded. Nikki, the Slayer Funky dead hands Spike, who was paying off for her urban wardrobe and a big rebound of his approach. Kendra, called when Buffy was briefly drowned in his epic battle with The Master – before returning through Resuscitation Alex,- then murdered by Drusilla with her sharp nails. Slayers , by type, have a limited life expectancy. It goes with the job description. And that is one for each other is called to take his place. Tales of the Slayer 1 tells stories of Slayers past at various times and places of ancient Greece at the time of the revolution in France and Hungary at the time of the bloody Countess Elizabeth Bathory, the decadence of Munich years 1920. Each has a personal story, a common moral code, and a commitment to overcome evil, no matter the cost.

Tales of the Slayer 2

Written by : Todd A. McIntosh , Kara Dalkey , Laura J. Burns , Melinda Metz, Greg Cox, Scott Allie, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Michael Reaves
Release Date : 17 December 2002

"Sacred Duty, blah blah.” – Buffy Summers

Buffy against the vampires has always had an irreverent attitude towards his vocation, but ultimately she understands the ramifications of his destiny and is ready to die to protect the world against evil. In fact, she died. Twice.

"I remember the maneuver. One Slayer dies, another arrives.” – Buffy Summers

It is an old tradition, steeped in tradition, mythology, and fatal prophecies. The Slayerdom consists of a Council of Observers, a continuum of Slayers, newspaper archives, and even a manual.

“What manual manual? Why I did not have manual?” – Buffy Summers

But first and foremost, it starts with a girl. A girl in the world. A Chosen One. Now, catch up on other past and present Slayers, in the second collection of short stories, Tales of the Slayer, Flight. 2! ”

[Another] Slayer? I knew the ” I am the only, I am the only” This story was just to draw attention. ” – Alex Harris

Tales of the Slayer 3

Written by : Yvonne Navarro , Christopher Golden , Nancy Holder , Mel Odom
Release Date : 11 November 2003

Life Slayers are short and not very sweet. The Observer Newspapers are full of stories – their battles, their triumphs, and, finally, their successors. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the latest in a long line of female warriors dating back to the dawn of humanity. As there were vampires, there was a Slayer. Usually referred to adolescence, Elected to lead a short life full of conflict and unhappiness.

The Anasazi villages 1250 Shanghai, en Chine, in 1866, Hollywood dans années de welfare 40 Buffy à Tokyo au prédécesseur de dans années welfare 90, Les Tueuses ont toujours la plus récente dépassées EUR défaite.

Tales of the Slayer 4

Written by : Nancy Holder , Michael Reaves , Scott Allie , Greg Cox , Kristine Kathryn Rusch , Robert Joseph Levy , Kara Dalkey , Jane Espenson
Release Date : 2 November 2004

“Je ne pas être deux … juste une personne, Deux Je ne pas être comme ça impuissante …. ”

– Buffy, “Helpless” (Helpless)

A dix ans-HUIT, DOIT faire face à chaque Tueuse one proces terrifiant: place Lento non Cruciamentum. Ce Temps-Honoré, Meme si Cruel, rite of passage requires each observer to drain the Slayer of all his physical strength and then send defeat a powerful vampire using only his mind. When Buffy Summers suffered its Cruciamentum, she managed to defeat Kralik, a vampire who had been in a sanatorium as a human being to have tortured and murdered more than a dozen young women before it is transformed. However, all the Slayers were not so malignant.

Tales of the Slayer, Flight. 4 traces the Cruciamentum eight previous Slayers. De la prohibition à Chicago à New York beatnik, of circus carnival traveling to a small Irish farm, depuis le XVe siècle au XXe siècle, Cruciamentum tested the prowess of Slayers throughout history. Each of them had to fight: for his work, for the lives of those they loved, and for their own existence ….