Buffy : The High School Years

Buffy : The High School Years
This page contains all complete summaries of the episodes of the series Buffy : The High School years.
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Cette série a commencé le 1er Juin 2016, the page can therefore fill the progressively.
For the time being, trois Tomes de la série ‘Buffy : The High School Years’ are provided, chacun constitué de 80 pages.

Cette nouvelle série se déroulera pendant la saison 1 of Buffy, during the years schools. It is written by Faith Erin Hicks and designed by Yishan Li.

1er tome
Freaks & Geeks

Ep. #01 Freaks & Geeks

2ème tome
Glutton for Punishment

Ep. #02 Glutton for Punishment

3ème tome
Parental Parasite

Ep. #03 Parental Parasite