Le point réseaux sociaux de la semaine 27/07 au 02/08

Salut, c’est Vincent, votre pro des réseaux sociaux.
Aujourd’hui, je vous ais concocté un récapitulatif, de la semaine passée, de la vie sociale de nos acteurs préférés sur les réseaux sociaux. Vous trouverez donc ici les photos et les statuts postés par les acteurs du Buffyverse sur Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhoSay.

Vous trouverez donc ici les photos et les statuts postés par les acteurs du Buffyverse sur Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhoSay.

A l’honneur : Felicia Day, Eliza Dushku, Seth Green, David Boreanaz, Sarah Michelle Gellar,, Michelle Tranchtenger, Julie Benz, Charisma Carpenter, Amy Acker, Amber Benson, Clare Kramer, Emma Caulfield, J.August Richards, Tom Lenk, Juliet Landau, Charlie Weber.

Felicia Day

Le 27 Juillet : “Eight years ago today we uploaded the first ep of The Guild. Thanks for all the support over the years, and to every cast and crew member and volunteer who made it all possible!”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram
Le 30 Juillet : “happy Thursday”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram

Eliza Dushku

Le 29 Juillet : “Kinda obsessed w the #Sugar in ma hair.. #FrankieFaison #Banshee #TheWire 🎥 #ComingToAmerica #SilenceOfTheLambs #DoTheRightThing.. Need I say more..? 💗🔪🔫 #fangirl #Fanshees”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram
Le 31 Juillet : “Sleep vs. no sleep. @antonystarr #nightshoots #Banshee #Fanshees 🔪🔫💣”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram

Seth Green

Le 30 Juillet : “#TBT that time I taught Lily Tomlin to skateboard on the set of Big Business. Note my sweet high water rolls…”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram

David Boreanaz

Le 02 Août : “Thank you Dad. #love #health ”
[spoiler][/spoiler] WhoSay

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Le 28 Juillet : “Don’t worry, @minatobias_ and I can fly this bird. #Helicopter #VacationVibes”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram

Michelle Tranchtenberg

Le 31 Juillet : “#tbt to one of the first times I got my hair and makeup done for an event/photo shoot, where I played a cherub. I was instantly hooked and my love of Halloween began. Between the rollers and the acid wash shorts, I wonder if you can guess what decade this was in…..#eighties #naturalblonde 👼💄💅”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram
Le 01 Août : “On set today with the amazing Alfred Molina for @sistercitiesmovie #sistercities. 🎬🎥 He’s even more incredible than one could even imagine!! 💖 📷 by: @xobeggsy”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram
Le 02 Août : “It’s #nationalsisterday! So I have to post this photo with my favorite movie sister @jessweixler and movie mom #JackiWeaver on the set of #sistercities. As we come to the end of filming this very special movie, I’m so grateful to have had the experience working with these amazing ladies and our brilliant director @sean_hanish. Can’t wait for everyone to see the movie when it’s all done! @sistercitiesmovie 🎬🎥”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram

Julie Benz

Le 30 Juillet : “Bamboo… Again…. Seriously…. He needs his own show…. @kdeenihan @davestanwell @iamlindsayflores”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram
Le 31 Juillet : “Soooooo…. about last night…. Photo booth fun with @SarahMLancaster @hallmarkchannel #TCA2015”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram
Le 02 Août : “The ballgame crew… #nymets @mets #nyc”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram
Le 02 Août : “Sunday in #NYC with @officialnicholegalicia #defiance #reunited”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram

Charisma Carpenter

Le 31 Juillet : “My impersonation of the Rolling Stones lips and tongue apparently.
@maryknice and I headed to @investigationdiscovery #DiscoveryChannel’s 30th Anniversary Party! 💅👄⭐🍸”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram
Le 31 Juillet : “The Boss and Me. #Henry @investigationdiscovery BEVERLY HILTON HOTEL 30th ANNIVERSARY PARTY FOR #DiscoveryChannel July 30th 2015 Makeup- @makeupbecca ❤️💋🎁”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram

Amy Acker

Le 31 Juillet : “@PersonInterest season 5 day one… got my Root curls and ready to GO! ”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Twitter

Amber Benson

Le 29 Juillet : “Revising On The Sidewalk While Waiting For The Stunts To Start #purposefullyvague”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram

Clare Kramer

Le 30 Juillet : “Very excited to support good friend @raphaelsbarge at the premiere of his film “A Concrete River”. So proud of him, and excited to learn more of how I can assist in reviving LA’s water way. #SaveTheLARiver With Raphael Sbarge & Ed Bagley Jr.”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram

Emma Caulfield

Le 28 Juillet : “#winteriscoming #emmacaulfieldapprovesthismessage @fordmark1”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram

J.August Richards

Le 02 Août : “NoFilter”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram

Tom Lenk

Le 29 Juillet : “This is my #vaginalfantasybookclub selfie. @feliciaday your mic is so phallic/appropriate for the #vaginalfantasyhangout 😜 watch the episode on YouTube!”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram
Le 31 Juillet : “I forced @jtfirstman to be my partner today at @trainingmate Bondi Burn. I think make a good sweaty ass team. #masc4masc (ironic usage of the term of course!)”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram

Juliet Landau

Le 02 Août : “Couldn’t turn down that first Mai Tai, could I??? Y’all know #Hawaii is like my favorite place right?”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Twitter

Charlie Weber

Le 31 Juillet : “All done filming for the day.
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram

2 thoughts on “Le point réseaux sociaux de la semaine 27/07 au 02/08

  1. J’étais passée à côté de plusieurs trucs x) Heureusement qu’il y a ce petit point réseau donc =P
    Y’a Amy, y’a Sarah, je suis aux anges =P
    Juliet est trop mimi!
    Tom et Felicia font des hangout, c’est trop chou *mignon*
    Et j’adore la photo de Seth jeune^^

  2. Super article ! Comme d’hab :p
    Eliza est trop belle encore *_*
    Et puis Charlie et sa barbe :merlanfris:

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