Le point réseaux sociaux de la semaine 24/08 au 30/08

Salut, c’est Vincent, votre pro des réseaux sociaux.
Aujourd’hui, je vous ais concocté un récapitulatif, de la semaine passée, de la vie sociale de nos acteurs préférés sur les réseaux sociaux. Vous trouverez donc ici les photos et les statuts postés par les acteurs du Buffyverse sur Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhoSay.

Vous trouverez donc ici les photos et les statuts postés par les acteurs du Buffyverse sur Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhoSay.

A l’honneur : Felicia Day, Seth Green, David Boreanaz, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Michelle Trachtenberg, Julie Benz, Charisma Carpenter, Emma Caulfield, Tom Lenk.

Felicia Day

Le 29 Août : “Having the best time of my life with this asshole. #PAX”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram
Le 30 Août : “Guys. Guys. My coffee has a DOGGIE ON IT! Get the shirt at all proceeds go to anti bullying charity Stomp Out Bullying!”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram

Seth Green

Le 28 Août : “#TBT that time I spent three months in Vancouver playing Ritchie Tozier in the adaptation of Stephen King’s IT. Already a fan of King, I was thrilled to play this role. It also starred several adult heroes of mine, including Tim Curry & John Ritter. Everyone on the project was awesome- generous & patient. All the kids were under 16 (I think Adam was 12) and took some wrangling.
I feel insanely lucky to have gotten to do the things I have, making this movie was particularly mind blowing.”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram
Le 29 Août : “Talent supernova @Vududaddy & I began our careers together & have been friends the whole time. We both came from Philadelphia to New York, to LA. We’ve gotten into all sorts of trouble & known each other over many significant experiences. He’s a great guy & a fantastic actor. As far as friends go, he’s an ace.
Please help me wish him a very happy birthday.
Happy birthday Eugene!”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram
Le 30 Août : “Shooting promo art for our new RCDC3 special, which will air in October. This episode focuses on the complex relationship between Superman & Batman. We’re super excited to show this one to you- just one hint: Multiverse. Hard to believe I can call this a job. #HumbleBrag #RCDC3”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram

David Boreanaz

Le 26 Août : “Back at it with Booth and @BONESonFOX #payBack”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Twitter

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Le 25 Août : “This is how #datenight begins and ends when you have two young kids. Luckily we made it till the end #movienight”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram
Le 26 Août : “Shhhh don’t tell anyone what I was doing today- it’s a secret #StarWars #StarWarsRebels The #force was definitely with me”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram
Le 27 Août : “Behind the scenes of my #secretproject Big announcement coming soon… guys will be the first to know #exciting”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram

Michelle Trachtenberg

Le 26 Août : “Passenger side #selfie. California sunroof chic. This is what happens when I go in the sunlight. I practically disappear! #spf #dayadventures ✨☀️💛”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram
Le 27 Août : “#tbt over 20 years ago to my first tv show, “The Adventures of Pete and Pete”. Both brothers were named Pete. Quirky antics and wild adventures ensued. #IggyPop played my dad. Steve Buscemi, Michael Stipe, J.K. Simmons, Patty Hearst, #DebbieHarry, @LLCoolJ, are just a few of the bad ass guest stars who had cameos in a show that was way ahead of its time. I played Nona F. Mecklenberg, my character always wore an arm cast, and I still have that compass necklace. #funfact @janiebryant was our costume designer!! #nona #krebstar #vintage 🎬💛🎥 (circa 1994)”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram
Le 28 Août : “What’s that? What do I see?? It’s fuckin Friday!!! #fbf to a crazy photo shoot. When I arrived they randomly handed me a string bikini, and expected me to go with the flow. Aw hell nah. I found this beautiful shirt in the back of the rack. And this lovely photo came to be. Ps. I’m pretty sure I’m wearing sweat pants below frame. #keepinitclassy. Enjoy. #happyfriday”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram

Julie Benz

Le 27 Août : “Early morning grumpy monkeys…. @kdeenihan”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram
Le 30 Août : “My shoot for Men’s Fitness Germany is out!!! 💄 @kdeenihan 💇 @davestanwell 👙 @relaxitsonlyfashion 💪 not bad for 43!”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram

Charisma Carpenter

Le 27 Août : “#TBT to that summer in Paris, 2013 with @msdayla
This was also Bastille Day.”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram
Le 30 Août : “OMG! Blast from the past! Circa 1992?? A wanna be model.”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram

Emma Caulfield

Le 29 Août : “Repost from @traciethoms via @igrepost_app, #Squad My Hippie Chicks! #TraciesJam. – ALL TIME!!”
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram

Tom Lenk

Le 27 Août : “I’m technically at a job interview right now. And yes I did cut head/arm holes in a mesh laundry bag I found in my closet and wear it as a fun top. You could say that I’m all about “the craft.””
[spoiler][/spoiler] Instagram

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  1. La 2ème photo de Seth 😮 j’aurais eu du mal à le reconnaitre.
    La dernière photo de Michelle : wow !

  2. J’adore les photos de Sarah!
    Et j’adore trop Seth avec Superman et Batman aussi =P
    Et Felicia, j’adore son tee-shirt =P

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